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Three Million Tourists to Antalya

Despite the Corona epidemic and the closures experienced by most countries globally, Antalya has seen increasing numbers of visits, indicating the region's importance and tourism value globally.

Three Million Tourists to Antalya

Antalya has received more than three million foreign tourists of different nationalities. The number of tourists visiting Antalya was 3 million, 356,623.

Russian tourists led the way among foreign tourists in Antalya with 1,459,480, followed by Ukrainians with 554,410 and Germans with 339,759.

السياحة في انطاليا في ظل كورونا

Preventive Measures Against Corona for Safer Tourism

Despite the global corona epidemic causing a wave of historic closures worldwide, Antalya, through preventive measures in the country, has provided the best model for tourism services compatible with the current situation.

It is worth noting that Antalya has been ranked first in the 2020 International Blue Flag Beaches Rankings.

Antalya is a unique tourist destination for tourists from all over Europe and Russia. Thanks to preventive measures against Corona, tourism in Antalya has become safer, which has been significantly reflected in tourism.

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