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A wonderful tour through which we take you to the most beautiful landmarks of the famous Princes&...

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An outstanding tour that includes visiting the most prominent landmarks in both Sile and Agva; th...

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We have breakfast, then we head to Yalova by a fast ferry boat, where you go to enjoy the hot sul...

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We have breakfast then we go by car and ferry to Bursa, heading towards Uludag Mountain - by cabl...

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The Land of Legends in Antalya ... an integrated amusement park that won the admiration and love...

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During this tour, you can explore the most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya. This tour will allow...

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Water sports tourism is booming in the city of Antalya due to its distinctive views of several se...

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The favorite tour for nature and sailing on the sea lovers, as you can relax on the boat and enjo...

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No visit to Antalya is complete without taking the Aqua Land tour to spend times of fun and joy f...

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An exciting outdoor tour from the sea to the green mountain peaks.

The "Olympus Teleferik...

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Pamukkale or "Cotton Castle" is a place that has international fame and a desire for a visit by m...

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A Tour of archeology and nature awaits you in the city of Perga, which has a long history and is...

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Tourism and Tourist Trips Features in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey is varied owing to Turkey’s strategic location. Turkey has many seas, rivers, different climates, and stunning views. In addition, it contains a wide range of the most favourite tourist monuments, suitable for all tastes, including thrilling adventures, medical resorts, entertainment zones, and religious places. You will have the opportunity to have featured holidays in Turkey.

What are Turkey’s Top Tourist Trips by Safaraq Tourism?

1. The Bosphorus Trip in Istanbul

Tourists enjoy having night times on a luxurious yacht. Safaraq Tourism offers the night trip of the Bosphorus: You will have free have a soiree on a yacht for three hours, including a lavish dinner and local art shows, and finally back to the hotel.

2. The Princess Islands Trip

It is a featured trip to the most beautiful spots of the Princess Islands; the trip includes a visit to the Grand Island: Heading towards the Princess Islands by speedboat from Istanbul port, enjoying the beauty of the sea passing by the Bosphorus, having a stagecoach tour for 45 minutes, having a lunch break, having free time for shopping, and finally back to the hotel.

3. Sapanca – Masukiye Trip in Sakarya

It is one of the most favourite trips by tourists: Having breakfast and heading (in a private car and a driver) towards Sapanca Lake, having some time at the lake enjoying the stunning natural beauty; you can try a stagecoach, heading towards Masukiye waterfalls and Mahmudiye forests to enjoy more charming rural spots, arrival at the rural park of Sapanca, having free time to do some activities, using the cable car to visit Kartepe Mountain, and finally having a tour in the area before coming back to the hotel in Istanbul. The trip includes lunch, a tour guide, and a follow-up team.

4. Uzungol Trip in Trabzon

Everyone must have heard of Uzungol’s charm and beauty in Trabzon, one of the most attractive spots, mainly the lake, which is 90 km from the city centre, surrounded by green spaces and hights. The trip includes wandering in the arms of nature with a tour guide, lunch, and transport.

5. Land of Legends Trip in Antalya

Land of Legends is an integrated entertainment city with a variety of engaging entertainment activities such as electric games, water games, dolphin shows, water slides, and a typhoon water coaster, 43 meters high and 525 meters long. In addition, there are many swimming pools. Children will have the chance to enjoy the water tower and water games under the supervision of professional trainers. Transport and entry fees are included.

6. Uludag Mountain Trip in Bursa

 Having breakfast and heading (in a private car and a driver) towards to the cable car region in Bursa to ride up the peak of Uludag mountain, having free time for various activities such as riding a quad bike, skiing, and riding snow mountain cable car, then getting off for having lunch, next, visiting the perennial tree and finally back to the hotel in Istanbul. The trip includes a tour guide, luxurious lunch, and ferry and cable car fees.

What are Tourist Trips Prices in Turkey?

Safaraq Tourism offers tourist trips at competitive prices, with integrated services. Prices vary according to the timetable, to-visit places, and any additional demands by guests. Generally, Safaraq Tourism offers unparalleled prices, with perfect services and a specialised team. Contact us via WhatsApp to get the best offers.

Why Choose Safaraq Tourism to Organise Tourist Trips in Turkey?

Many reasons entice you to choose Safaraq Tourism; our motto is confidence, care, and quality, doing our best to organise highly planned tourist trips.

  • Safaraq Tourism has extensive experience in the tourism sector, offering enticing prices.
  • Our teams do their best to make perfect tourist trips packed with harmony and comfort.
  • Safaraq Tourism shares all trip details with clients.
  • Safaraq Tourism’s trips are comprehensive; clients would not miss any charming spot.
  • Tourist requirements are on top of our priorities, offering relaxation and fun for all family members, considering all safety and easing factors.

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