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Safir agents program

A special reservation system for international travel and tourism agencies and travel professionals, allowing them to get benefits from the reservation for their clients and earn money in cooperation with your Safaraq Travel Company. We provide our agents with the ability to book hotels, airline tickets, and tourism programs at a reduced price that enables them to compete and provide an integrated tourism product remotely with the follow-up of a professional team.

Our Vision

Building bridges of partnership with tourism agencies and travel professionals by providing high-quality tourism services that meet the Arab tourist's need to book a happy tour while preserving the authentic values and privacy that our Arab community cherishes.

As you are our ambassador, you will have all kind the support

  • Achieving the highest percentage of tourism returns
  • Wide segments of hotels at the most reasonable prices
  • Ensuring the maximum level of discounts on tourism programs
  • Various and renewable tourism programs according to the tourist seasons, holidays, and official holidays
  • The recommendation of our dedicated team will add to efficiency, planning and increase productivity to your experience
Safeer Handshake

Why Safaraq?

Powerful brand in Turkish tourism

More than 8 years of experience
Offers you a strong tourism partnership
In the Middle East market

Powerful brand in Turkish tourism

Special tourist packages

Renewable tourism programs
Specially organized for the Arab market
By professional standards

Special tourist packages

Free and easy subscription steps

1- Filling out the form and sending it
2- We carry out communication within 3 days
3- Partnership without the consent of a third party

Free and easy subscription steps

A professional support team guarantees your success

Daily follow-up for reservations and tours

A professional support team guarantees your success


Currently, you can take advantage of the professional services provided by Safaraq Travel Company, for example, reservations systems for hotels and cars, and make profits by promoting these services.

You can do this by filling in the simple information in the designated fields within the Safir Program for Agents page on Safaraq Travel website.

  1. A copy of the license of the tourist facility that you own.
  2. A copy of the identity card of the facility owner.

Have Any Inquiries ?

Our team is ready to help you !

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