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Hiring Policy
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5 years ago 15,842

Human resources are the core of our interest at Safaraq Travel as we, always focus on developing our staff and improve our team.

We are always looking for promising talents who want to prove their worth. Besides, we are working to develop their capabilities so that they meet our goals and objectives, and we seek to provide our team with expertise and professional skills adding to our work what is new and fruitful.

Join Safaraq Travel team

If you are one of those who have experience in our field of work, and at the beginning of youth, and enjoy high ambition, spirit of fair competition and challenge to reach the professional goals that we aspire to, you can be part of Safaraq Travel team, by sending your CV, and a sample of your work (if any) to the following email: [email protected]

We will contact you in case there are suitable and available vacancies, or we will keep your job files for the appropriate time.

Our vision for work and employment:

  • We believe in working as a united team, respecting employees' rights, and applying humanitarian and ethical standards in treatment.
  • The successful employee must be of courtesy, ethics, and high values to provide the best service to our valued clients.
  • Successful employees are the key to corporate success, so we are interested in attracting outstanding talents and experienced competencies.
  • We always aim to work with the finest people to preserve our reputation, improve our distinguished services, and uphold our social responsibility by providing a comfortable and effective work environment.

The rapid growth of the tourism and travel sector in Turkey imposes an increase in demand for specialized and qualified companies to get innovative tourist programs that require a high level of professionalism and efficiency among the work team for implementation, which we seek to excel at Safaraq Travel Company.

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5 years ago 15,842

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