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Number of Tourists to Istanbul Increases by 116%

Istanbul received 6,982,691 visitors during the first ten months of 2021. Iranians, Russians, and Germans topped the list of Istanbul's most visited foreign tourists.

The Monthly Rate is the Highest in Two Years

According to data from the Istanbul Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul received 1,152,771 tourists in October 2021.

Thus, the rate of tourists to Istanbul hit 116%, compared to the same month of 2020, the highest monthly rate in two years!

Number of Tourists to Istanbul Increases by 116%

Most Tourists Came by Air

In October, 1,148,689 visitors were brought to Istanbul via airlines, while 4,82,000 tourists came by sea, Anadolu Agency reported.

Iranians ranked first among the most visited foreigners in Istanbul, with 102,220 tourists, followed by Russians with 101,21,000 and Germans with 98,251 visitors.

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