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Number of Tourists in Antalya: 70,000 Visitors Per Day

According to official statistics by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, the number of tourists in Antalya has recorded new figures, with a bright boom in reception rates for foreign tourists compared to the same period in previous years.

Number of Tourists in Antalya Records New Figures

According to official statistics from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Antalya has reached 13 million and 653,000 tourists, up from the annual rate.

Commenting on these figures, Mr Recep Yavuz, Head of Tourism Work division at Antalya City Council, said, “From now on, we will break the recorded numbers of tourists in Antalya, and we expect the number of tourists in Antalya to exceed 14.5 million.”

“We have developed a plan to receive 16 million tourists, and we are gradually approaching this figure. The significant increase in the number of tourists in the tourist season was the most important feature that made tourism in Antalya another taste,” added Yavuz.

The number of tourists in Antalya

Daily Average Number of Tourists in Antalya

Antalya has received nearly 649,000 tourists, according to data from Antalya and Gazi Pasha Airports, and Antalya continues to receive tourists at a daily rate of approximately 70,000 visitors per day, an increase of 17% over the average daily rate of visitors.

tourism in Antalya

Tourists in Antalya

According to a study by the Antalya Directorate of Tourism and Culture on the data of Antalya and Gazi Pasha Airports, Antalya received visitors from 193 countries around the world, in the following order:

Russian tourists ranked first, with 4.752 million Russian tourists in Antalya, achieving a 14% increase in tourism in Antalya

German tourists came second, with 2.85 million, up 16%, while Ukrainian tourists ranked third, with 726,000 tourists, up 11.6% and then came in fourth place English tourists, with 623 thousand, an increase of 17%.



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