Honeymoon in Georgia: An Unforgettable Experience with Safaraq Tourism

Honeymoon in Georgia: An Unforgettable Experience with Safaraq Tourism
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Is Georgia an Ideal Destination for a Honeymoon?

Indeed, Georgia is considered an ideal destination for a honeymoon. Thanks to its stunning nature, rich history, and vibrant culture, Georgia offers a unique blend of romance and adventure. Couples seeking a unique experience can enjoy the beauty of towering mountains, lush valleys, and luxurious resorts. Additionally, Georgia is one of the safest and most affordable tourist destinations for newlyweds.

What are the Most Beautiful Tourist Spots in Georgia for a Honeymoon?

  • Tbilisi: The capital that combines old and new, with its narrow alleys and stunning historical landmarks. Couples can stroll along the famous Rustaveli Avenue and visit the historic Narikala Fortress for panoramic views of the city. They can also relax in the famous sulfur baths in the Abanotubani district.
  • Kazbegi: nature and adventure lovers can enjoy the beauty of Mount Kazbek and visit the Gergeti Trinity Church located on top of the mountain. Kazbegi is a great place for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Batumi: A coastal city on the Black Sea, famous for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Couples can visit the Batumi Botanical Garden, Batumi Boulevard, and ride the cable car for stunning views of the city and the sea.
  • Mestia: An ideal destination for nature and skiing enthusiasts in winter, and for hiking and exploring traditional villages in summer. Couples can visit the Svaneti Ethnographic Museum and explore the region's famous ancient stone towers.
  • Borjomi: A spa town located in central Georgia, famous for its mineral springs and beautiful parks. Couples can enjoy relaxing walks in the Borjomi Central Park and visit the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.
  • Sighnaghi: Known as the "City of Love" due to its stunning romantic views. Couples can stroll through its cobbled streets, enjoy breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley, and visit the old castles.

Best Tourist Activities in Georgia for a Honeymoon

  • Strolling through the Old Streets of Tbilisi: Enjoy the stunning views of the Peace Bridge and the sulfur baths area. You can also explore the lively Shardeni Street, which features many restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.
  • Mountain Hiking in Kazbegi: An unforgettable experience to see the breathtaking natural landscapes. You can hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church or rent a 4x4 vehicle to easily reach the summit.
  • Walking in the Batumi Gardens: Enjoy the beauty of gardens, fountains, and unique sculptures. You can also visit the Batumi Dolphinarium to watch entertaining dolphin shows or have fun at the amusement park in Batumi Boulevard.
  • River Cruises in Tbilisi: Enjoy a river cruise on the Kura River to see the city's landmarks from a different perspective. Enjoy the romantic views of the night lights and historical monuments.
  • Skiing in Gudauri: For winter sports enthusiasts, Gudauri Resort is an ideal destination for skiing. You can enjoy skiing on snow-covered slopes or take a cable car ride to enjoy panoramic views.

Best Hotels and Resorts for a Honeymoon in Georgia

  1. The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi: A luxury hotel offering panoramic views of the city, located in the heart of the capital with spacious rooms and upscale facilities, including a spa and indoor pool.
  2. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi: A wonderful resort offering a unique experience in the Kazbegi Mountains, where couples can enjoy stunning mountain views from their private balconies and relax in the outdoor hot pool.
  3. Radisson Blu Hotel Batumi: An ideal place to stay in Batumi with stunning views of the Black Sea. The hotel offers luxurious rooms and recreational facilities such as a spa and various restaurants.
  4. Telavi Marriott Resort: Located in the Kakheti region, offering elegant rooms and excellent facilities, including an outdoor pool and restaurants serving delicious local dishes.
  5. Paramount Palace Hotel Borjomi: A luxury hotel located in Borjomi offering upscale services for couples. The hotel features a luxurious design and various facilities, including a spa and indoor pool.
  6. Svaneti Resort: A mountain resort in Mestia offering comfortable accommodations with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Couples can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

Cost of a Honeymoon in Georgia

Georgia is considered an ideal destination in terms of cost for a honeymoon, where couples can enjoy a luxurious trip that includes staying in five-star hotels, tourist tours, and fine meals at a reasonable cost compared to other destinations. The final cost depends on the number of days and the type of activities chosen, but generally, a wonderful honeymoon can be arranged at a cost suitable for most budgets. Let's take a closer look at the potential costs:


  • Luxury Hotels (5 stars): The cost of staying in a luxury hotel in Tbilisi or Batumi ranges from $100 to $200 per night. For example, a 7-night stay may cost around $700 to $1400.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Entrance Tickets: Ticket prices vary by place. For example, the entrance ticket to Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi is about $5 per person, while the entrance ticket to Batumi Botanical Garden is about $3 per person.
  • Organized Tours: Organized tours can cost around $50 to $100 per person per day, including transportation, tour guide, and visiting several attractions.

Tourist Activities

The cost varies according to the activity. For example, a mountain hiking trip in Kazbegi can be about $100 to $150 per person, including transportation, guide, and lunch. Skiing in Gudauri, including equipment rental, can be about $20 to $30 per day, and cable car tickets can be about $15 to $25 per person.

Food and Drinks:

  • Meals in Luxury Restaurants: The cost of dinner in a luxury restaurant ranges from $30 to $50 per person, which means that the cost of dinner for 7 nights can reach about $420 to $700 for a couple.

Overall Cost Estimation

Based on the above, the estimated cost of a 7-day honeymoon in Georgia can be as follows:

  • Accommodation in a luxury hotel: About $1000.
  • Tourist activities and tours: About $700.
  • Food and drinks in mid-range restaurants: About $200.
  • Internal transportation and travel between cities: About $200. This makes the total cost about $2100 for a couple, which is a very reasonable amount compared to other tourist destinations that offer the same level of luxury and tourist experiences.

Why Choose Safaraq Tourism's Honeymoon Packages?

The honeymoon packages offered by Safaraq Tourism are distinguished by the following:

  1. Full Customization: We design programs that suit your needs and desires.
  2. Comprehensive Service: We provide all services from arrival to departure, including transportation, accommodation, and tourist tours.
  3. Tour Guide: We offer you a professional tour guide who speaks your preferred language and introduces you to the best places and activities.
  4. Exclusive Offers: We offer exclusive offers and special honeymoon packages that include unique experiences such as romantic dinners and massage sessions.

Experience the Ultimate Honeymoon in Georgia with Safaraq Tourism

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