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Istanbul Antalya

The Beauty of the Caucasus in Georgia: 5 Days and 4 Nights

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4 days - 3 nights
5 Star Hotel
Black Sea

Tbilisi trip



Tbilisi trip

enjoy Tbilisi trip

Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport, our exciting tourist adventure begins. with breathtaking National Park, then a visit to the iconic Peace Bridge. then ascend via cable car to enjoy panoramic views of Tbilisi from the hilltop. Our tour continues with a visit to the striking statue of Queen Tamar, fondly known as the Mother of Georgians, and an exploration of the historic Narikala Castle.

Activities For The Day

Cable car ride Cable car ride
bridge bridge
meals meals
stores stores

Caucasus Mountains Trip



Caucasus Mountains Trip

Caucasus Mountains Adventure Tour

Enjoy a one-day trip to the Caucasus Mountains from Tbilisi. Visit the historic Ananuri Castle, indulge in river activities in Pasanauri, and admire the breathtaking scenery at Gudauri. Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Caucasus and create lasting memories.


Activities For The Day

Cable car ride Cable car ride
meals meals
Natural landmark Natural landmark

Trip in Mtskheta



Trip in Mtskheta

A journey through the marvels of Mtskheta

Embark on a journey to Mtskheta, Georgia's historical capital, and witness the mesmerizing confluence of two rivers from Mount Jvari. Next, ascend to Bakuriani's highest peaks for breathtaking views. Upon descending, partake in exciting activities, savor a delectable meal, and explore the town or Borjomi.



Activities For The Day

Cable car ride Cable car ride
Theme parks Theme parks
Natural landmark Natural landmark
Archaeological site Archaeological site

Batumi Natural Tour



Batumi Natural Tour

The Beauty of Nature in Batumi

From Batumi, embark on a scenic journey to Makhuntseti for its awe-inspiring waterfall and bridge. Next, relax on Sarpi Beach at the Turkish-Georgian border. Return to Batumi for a captivating dolphin show and a stroll through the enchanting Lake Batumi and 6th of May Park.

Activities For The Day

beach beach
bridge bridge
meals meals
Theme parks Theme parks
gardens gardens
Theatrical performances Theatrical performances

Note: We Offer Flexible Program Schedules

Program Features



Tourist Guide
Tourist Guide
Airport pick-up with private car
Airport pick-up with private car
daily trips
daily trips
24/7 support team
24/7 support team
The program does not include personal expenses
The program does not include personal expenses
Does not include fees for paid activities
Does not include fees for paid activities

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This matter differs between citizens of one country and another, as citizens of some countries can obtain a visa directly from the airport.

As for the rest, to obtain a visa, some steps must be followed, and they are:

  • Reserve your line at the visa office of the consulate or the Turkish embassy in your country, and this is often done through the website and for free, as a day is set for the interview to present the papers.
  • Prepare your necessary and required papers for your tourist trip, which consists of:
  • A copy of the passport translated into English or Turkish, with a certification of the translation from a notary.
  • Two recent personal photos.
  • Criminal record statement document (not sentenced).
  • A bank account statement for the last three months.
  • A copy of the plane ticket reservation.
  • A photo of the hotel reservation.
  • Visa application form.
  • A certified and translated copy of the family document if there is a person under the legal age of 18 among the applicants, and the consent of the guardian who did not apply for the visa must be attached, stating his approval of the visa application, travel, residence, and immigration, certified by a notary.
  • Supporting Financial Documents:
  • Bank account statement (with account movement for the last three months).
  • A statement from the employer or the company in which the applicant works (containing the applicant's name, surname, passport number, job role, and salary) or proof of ownership of a company certified by a notary.
  • A travel health insurance policy (with coverage of 30,000 € of illness, injury, or death), and this document is sold at insurance offices for approximately $ 25.
  • Other documents that may improve the status of your visa application:
  • If the applicant has traveled to Turkey before, it is preferable to attach the relevant passport pages.
  • Ownership documents of any property in Turkey, if any.

The transportation networks and roads in Turkey are built on a modern style comparable to the most developed countries, in terms of tunnels, bridges, and highways.

However, there is no doubt that the metro remains the fastest way to move between areas in the same city, and fast trains that connect Turkish cities provide the most beautiful and fastest tourist trips.

Turkey has also supported air transportation between its cities through its discounted and affordable daily flight programs, so hardly any Turkish city has an internal airport that serves the needs of each state.

One of the most successful means of transportation in Istanbul is the Metrobus lines providing a high-speed means of transportation between the two parts of the city (the European and Asian sides).

In addition to that, you can find shipping lines, high-end buses, airport buses, and other means.

All means of transportation in Istanbul are used through one smart electronic card.

Yes, a private credit card can be used in Turkey, and the value is calculated according to the bank exchange rate.

It is indicated that the culture of buying with credit cards is widespread in all stores, shops, and restaurants in Turkey, so you will not find any difficulty in purchasing with your credit card, and this will not force you to carry more cash in your wallet.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, the second-largest crowded city after Istanbul, and is close to the various states, and a large part of it is located within the Central Anatolia region, surrounded by several states, including Cankri, Karakkale, Aksaray, and Konya.

The mountain on which Noah's Ark is anchored in Turkey is Jabal al-Judi, a landmark located in southeastern Turkey, in the state of Sirnak, along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The Turkish lira is the currency of the Turkish Republic. In 1927, the Turkish lira replaced the Ottoman lira, and the Turkish Central Bank undertook the task of issuing the banknotes, the denominations of which ranged from one to two hundred liras, and the coins, with the denominations ranging from one penny to one lira.

The first article of the Turkish Constitution stipulates that the state of Turkey is one of the republican countries, which means that the people elect a new president at the end of each specified period, and the Turkish constitution has set this period to five years.

Applications for entry visas for tourism or commercial purposes for citizens of several countries are submitted through the official online platform of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, available in nine languages, including Arabic and English, within minutes.

Snow in Turkey happens usually in the months of December and January, but some areas preserve it more due to the lively nature. The most beautiful areas of snow in eastern Anatolia are Cappadocia in the state of Nevsehir, and Lake Abant, an hour and a half away from Istanbul, and Cameli Himcin in Rize, and Mount Agri, the highest mountain in Turkey, as well as the foothills and between the folds of Trabzon forests.

Anatolia or Asia Minor includes most of the Turkish territory, except for the eastern part known historically as the Armenia Plateau. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Marmara, the Black Sea in the north, and Syria in the south, and many civilizations have been found there, including the Hittin civilization who launched the word (Ashwa) on this region, and it turned to Asia in Greek, and from which the name of the continent of Asia descended. The term first appeared in the fourth century AD by one of the Byzantine rulers.

Turkey was named by this name in relation to the word Türk, meaning Turkish, and its origin goes back to the word (tu-kin), which is the name given by the Chinese in 177 BC to the inhabitants of the Altai Mountains in Central Asia, and it is a specific ethnicity of the Asian people who inhabited Central Asia and reached Anatolia and settled until it acquired the lands known today as the Turkish Republic.

The current Turkish President is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The river that originates in Lebanon and empties into Turkey is the Orontes River and enters Antakya from Syrian lands.

The Turkish War of Independence took place between the nineteenth of May 1919 and the twenty-fourth of July 1923, and then the Turkish Grand National Assembly decided to establish a republic in Turkey, which was announced on October 29, 1923.

Turkey is located in the Anatolia region between Asia and Europe, and the largest part of it is located in Asia and only 3% in Europe. Bordered by the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas from the west and southwest, and the northwest by Greece and Bulgaria.

Turkey contains different weather patterns, as the coastal areas along the Mediterranean and the Aegean have a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by a cold, wet winter and hot and dry summer. The steppes, meaning that there is a difference in temperature between day and night, and little rainfall compared to the snowfall, and the western part of the Anatolian Plateau in addition to the southern coast is distinguished by its moderate Mediterranean climate.

Official holidays in Turkey vary between religious, national, and social occasions, as there is a New Year holiday, on the 23rd of April the Children's Day holiday, on the first of May the Labor Day holiday, on the nineteenth of May the Youth and Sports Day holiday, and on the fifteenth of July The holiday for Democracy and Solidarity Day, on August 30 is the Victory Day holiday, and on October 29 is the Republic Day holiday, in addition to the Eid al-Fitr holiday and the Eid al-Adha holiday.

The Turkish constitution guarantees freedom of belief and religion for everyone, and the majority of Turkey's population practice Islam. According to statistics, this constitutes 99% of the country's population, while research centers state that the percentage of Muslims in Turkey ranges from 97% to 98% of the population.

Many tourists, students, or Arab arrivals to Turkey notice that the Turkish society does not know the English language for the most part, and this problem dates back to the date of the founding of the Turkish Republic. Due to internal issues, people’s attempt to preserve the Turkish identity.

Contact the concerned authority whose competence relates to the emergency order, and the numbers of emergency cases in Turkey: fires 110, ambulance 112, phone problems 121, medical services and natural disasters 113, municipal police 153, traffic police 154, rescue forces 155, gendarmerie forces 156, coast guard 158, Post office 169, Tourist Information 170, Blood Bank 173, Forest Fires 177, Psychological Consulting 182, Health Advice 184, Water Corporation 185, Electricity Corporation 186, Gas Corporation 187.

Turkey is located in the eastern Mediterranean region, and it is surrounded on three sides by temperate seas, as it has a diverse climate, and includes a wide range of popular tourist attractions, which suit the tastes of tourists, including exciting adventures, tourist medical resorts, recreational parks, and sacred religious places. It is also characterized by an Islamic character in its social system, which made it a great popular destination.

Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally, historically, and geographically, which makes it ranked sixth among the best tourist destinations in the world, and its tourist places are unmatched globally. Turkey has more than eighty thousand mosques, and UNESCO World Heritage sites include five Ten heritage sites, which is the largest number of sites among the countries of the whole world. Besides, the Turkish coast consists of three hundred and eighty beaches and more than twenty marinas, according to global environmental standards, and Turkey is one of the largest centers of biological diversity in the world; It is home to about ten thousand species of plants, as well as the largest variety of birds, and it contains more than nine thousand species of flowers, and there is no desert found in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the countries with an important strategic location in the region, as it is located between the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe, in a location characterized by its charming nature, and the seas that surround the site from several sides. In the north, it is bordered by the Black Sea and in the south by the Mediterranean Sea, it overlooks the Aegean Sea from the west, while it is bordered by the Sea of ​​Marmara from the northwest; Therefore, it is characterized by favorable weather for tourism in most of them, but the city of Antalya is among the best cities in terms of weather, and there is the city of Mugla, which is in a distinctive place and has the Fethiye region famous for its beauty and tourist fame, as well as Trabzon, Uzungol, the city of Bursa, Cappadocia, Izmir, and others.

Turkey is one of the modern industrialized countries in the world, and it has the nineteenth rank of nominal GDP in the world, and the thirteenth in GDP according to purchasing power parity, and is among the world's leading producers of agricultural products, textiles, cars, transportation equipment, building materials, consumer electronics and devices, household appliances, as well as to be ranked in advanced positions in the world in the field of tourism and commercial financial imports.

Turkey is a vast country and the weather is varied according to the different locations. The Mediterranean region has winter rains of 200 millimeters per month, and in the Aegean region the average precipitation is about 100 millimeters per month, and in the Black Sea region, you can see rain all year round. And in central Anatolia, the rainfall is moderate during the spring season.

The coldest city in Turkey is Erzurum, as when hot water is thrown into the air, it freezes directly.

Kofta is called “Çig köfte” and it is considered one of the popular foods, as well as “simit” and “borek” pastries and is eaten for breakfast, and Iskender kebab is one of the Turkish dishes that are beloved by the Turks and is eaten for lunch, as well as various grills, shish Tavuk, the meal known to many Arabs, and meat with dough (Lahmajoun) and sold in grill shops, and beans are one of the most popular meals for Turks.

Most Turkish markets are characterized by cheap shopping compared to European countries, so tourists can buy whatever they want at prices that suit them, as well as various gifts.


What's Included in Your Dream Vacation:


Arrival and Departure in Style: Begin your adventure with a warm welcome and a fond farewell at the airport, making your transition smooth and hassle-free.

Luxurious Accommodations: Enjoy a 4-night stay at handpicked hotels, including 1 night in vibrant Tbilisi, 2 nights in enchanting Batumi, and another night in the heart of Tbilisi.

Culinary Delights: Treat your taste buds to delectable buffet meals at our carefully selected hotels. Satisfy your cravings with an array of dishes to choose from, ensuring a dining experience to remember.

Daily Adventures: Immerse yourself in the beauty of our chosen destinations with daily tours that follow a carefully crafted schedule. From cultural wonders to breathtaking landscapes, each day holds a new adventure.

Private Transfers: Experience the freedom and privacy of travelling in a tourist car. Our dedicated driver and fuel are at your service, ensuring a seamless and personalized journey for you, your family, or your friends.

Stay Connected: Stay connected with a phone line with an internet package for each traveller, ensuring you're always in touch with loved ones and able to share your amazing experiences.

Peace of Mind: Travel worry-free with international travel insurance, giving you the assurance you need to enjoy every moment.

Explore the Best: Discover the wonders of Tbilisi with included entrance fees to iconic attractions like the Tbilisi Cable Car and Tbilisi Botanical Garden. Plus, receive a special gift and a valuable surprise at our Arab Street office as a token of our appreciation.

No Hidden Costs: Rest easy knowing that our package price includes all taxes, so you can focus on making memories without any unexpected expenses.





What's Not Included:

Flights: Your journey to this paradise is not included, but we can assist in finding the best options for your convenience.

Lunch and Dinner: While our package doesn't cover lunch and dinner, we're dedicated to ensuring you enjoy sumptuous meals at one of our recommended Turkish or Arab restaurants. Taste the local flavours and savour the culinary delights of the region.


Day 1:

Your unforgettable Tbilisi adventure begins with a warm welcome at Tbilisi International Airport. We'll whisk you away in a private car to your cosy hotel for check-in.

Get ready for an exhilarating day of exploration as we kick off with a visit to the lush National Park and a picturesque walk across the iconic Peace Bridge. Ascend to the city's heights via cable car, where you'll be treated to breathtaking vistas of Tbilisi. Discover the enchanting statue of Queen Tamar, known as the mother of Georgians, and explore the historic Narikala Castle.

If relaxation is your preference, soak in the soothing sulfur baths. Continue your journey with a visit to the city's charming waterfalls, a romantic stroll across Love Lock Bridge, and a glimpse of the stunning Tbilisi Mosque, a modern architectural marvel completed in 2011. Immerse yourself in nature at the Botanical Garden and then savour a delectable dinner at one of the city's top-notch restaurants.

As the sun sets, embark on a captivating night tour, starting at the renowned Rustaveli Street, where upscale shopping awaits at Galleria Mall, showcasing international brands. Wander over to Freedom Square for a leisurely exploration of the vibrant tourist hub.

Finally, make your way to Shardeni Street, a culinary haven featuring European and Arab-style restaurants and cafes, catering to a variety of tastes. After a magical evening, return to your hotel for a well-deserved rest in preparation for more adventures to come.




Day 2:

Following a delightful breakfast, your day unfolds with a journey from Tbilisi to Mtskheta, the ancient heart of Georgia, just a short 30-minute drive from the capital. Here, you'll marvel at the enchanting confluence of the Mtkvari rivers and take in awe-inspiring vistas from atop Mount Jvari.

The next leg of your adventure leads you to the captivating city of Borjomi, renowned for its lush green mountains and famous springs. Explore the sprawling Borjomi National Park, one of Europe's largest, where you'll soar above the treetops on a thrilling cable car ride, witness the majesty of a cascading waterfall, and luxuriate in the rejuvenating sulfur swimming pools.

As the day progresses, your journey continues to the stunning European gem of Batumi, situated just 20 kilometres from the Turkish border. Upon arrival, savour a delectable dinner at one of the city's authentic Turkish restaurants, offering a delightful blend of flavours.

Afterwards, return to your hotel for a well-deserved night's rest, anticipating the adventures that await you on the morrow.


Day 3:

After a delicious breakfast, our adventure begins as we embark on a scenic 30-kilometre journey westward to the enchanting town of Makhuntseti. Here, you'll be spellbound by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Makhuntseti Waterfall and the iconic Queen Tamar Bridge. Nature's grandeur awaits, and this experience is truly unparalleled.

Next, we'll venture to the Turkish-Georgian border, where you can soak up the sun on the pristine beach and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Sarpi Mountains. The journey then leads us back to Batumi, where you'll be treated to a captivating dolphin show.

As the day unfolds, you'll have the opportunity to explore the picturesque Batumi Lake and its charming 6th of May Park, one of the city's most sought-after tourist destinations, particularly during special occasions and holidays. The lush gardens and serene atmosphere make it a perfect place to unwind.

In the evening, we'll indulge in a sumptuous dinner, savouring the flavours of the region. Finally, we'll return to our comfortable hotel in Batumi for a peaceful night's rest, cherishing the memories of this extraordinary day. Your Batumi adventure continues to amaze and delight!


Day 4:

Following a scrumptious breakfast bid farewell to the vibrant city of Batumi and set your course for the idyllic Martvili, just 50 km away from Kutaisi, Georgia's second capital. Here, you'll be captivated by the allure of narrow valleys and breathtaking natural beauty as you embark on an exhilarating rubber boat ride.

Afterwards, your journey continues as you make your way to the bustling heart of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. Prepare to embark on a thrilling shopping expedition at Tbilisi's top-notch malls, where a world of fashion and treasures awaits.

Once you've satisfied your shopping cravings, we'll whisk you away to one of the city's finest Arab or Turkish restaurants for a delectable dinner that'll tantalize your taste buds with international flavours.

As the day winds down, you'll be transported back to your hotel in Tbilisi, where you can unwind and rejuvenate for another day of exciting adventures in this vibrant city. Your unforgettable stay in Tbilisi awaits!

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