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You should start but determining your options first, and plan your trip program in proportion to the time available to you, so we recommend that you first:

  • Learn about the most important attractions that you should visit online.
  • Choose the list of attractions in the city you want to visit and draw a plan that matches the location.
  • Determine the hotel or hotels that you will stay in during your trip, and if you are not able to do so, seek the help of a reliable party that will choose a hotel for you that matches your budget and your aspirations.
  • Learn about public transportation in Turkey, and its most important lines, to know the appropriate vehicle to use.
  • Choose the airport closest to your place of residence to book your flight to it, as Turkey is rich in civil airports, so do not rush to book your ticket without studying your place of residence.
  • Memorize some key terms, numbers, and words in the Turkish language that will benefit you during your trip.
  • In case you want to join one of the tourism programs organized by one of the tourism companies, we advise you to choose tour groups or reliable travel companies away from brokers.

Depending on your budget allocated for your tourist trip to Turkey, you will find many different options, with varying prices and costs.

Since the cities of Turkey are tourist cities par excellence, during your tourist trip, you will find hundreds of hotels with varying costs of stay. Some of them are luxurious for the maximum degrees, and some are of other lower levels and prices that suit everyone.

This applies of course to hotels, transportation, food, and the choice of tourist places that are economical or have high costs.

In general, it can be said that you can spend a tourist day at an economic cost of up to 40 US dollars as a minimum per person, and this cost includes: hotel accommodation, food, and public transportation, and this amount can exceed hundreds of dollars in its upper limits, depending on the levels of luxury chosen.

Many people think that summer is the only appropriate season for tourism in Turkey, due to its moderate climate in this particular season due to its distinctive location, but we must know some of the characteristics that characterize some seasons of the year or other months, which are considered a distinct opportunity to spend a wonderful tourist trip in Many Turkish cities.

In the spring season, many Turkish cities witness a wedding of the wonderful tulips, which Turks cherish as they are the first to discover this flower, and have taken from it a slogan that you will find clearly in the landmarks of their Ottoman civilization. By the beginning of April, the city of Istanbul is covered in all its gardens and squares with millions of seedlings of these roses. Some squares are dedicated to embracing the rose carpets, decorated in the multi-colored tulips, forming a dazzling painting.

The spring season is also less crowded than the summer months, which Turkish cities crowd with millions of tourists, not to mention the splendor of forests and green areas, who wear their new dress at this time of year.

In the winter months, the most beautiful mountainous areas are covered with snow, attracting lovers of fun winter sports, in a scene that captures hearts and eyes.

In general, Turkey is a country rich in its tourism options in all seasons of the year, so you may even be able to enjoy the winter snow in the heights of Bursa on Uludag Mountain, then move to the beaches of Antalya to enjoy the heat of the sun and the most beautiful moments on its golden sands.

Turkey is known as one of the safest countries in the world, and security men do not leave its public and tourist facilities, in a remarkable and unmistakable effort to maintain the highest possible levels of safety.

Wherever you turn your face on the roads of Istanbul or other important cities, you see observation poles that almost cover large parts of the scene, and even in public transport, the appearance of security is evident by monitoring the roads and public transport from within, so that the security personnel is ready to take the necessary action.

Besides, there are surveillance cameras available in public parks, and various facilities, which can be accessed even from some of the municipality's mobile applications.

Among the most important tips that are useful when traveling for tourism in Turkey:

  • Search for trusted tour groups to join one of their programs.
  • Learn the most important landmarks you want to visit and draw a plan for your travel.
  • Read and memorize the most important terms in the Turkish language.
  • Book a hotel in the nearest place to your vicinity, and do not waste your time by renting a hotel far from your tourist destination.
  • If nothing is linking you to a specific date of your tourist trip; we recommend that you choose a date away from the peak seasons, which is most often during school holidays.
  • Perhaps you may not be able to visit all the wonderful attractions you want to visit, so we recommend that you arrange your priorities in line with the duration of your trip.

Istanbul is undoubtedly at the top of the pyramid of vibrant tourist cities, how not, and it is the largest commercial and cultural center in Turkey, in addition to the elements of its natural beauty, and its wonderful views of the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea that is crossed by the natural Bosphorus canal, separating its Asian and European sides.

Istanbul is considered the historical reservoir of Turkey, and the repository of the Ottoman Empire's civilization, wherever you turn your face you find an important landmark that stands as a witness to its original history, and therefore Istanbul is considered one of Turkey's most important tourist cities at all.

The city of Trabzon is also known for its picturesque scenery, its delicate blue lakes, and its mild summer weather so that it is loved by Arab tourists in particular.

Sakarya the neighboring city of Istanbul, is at the top of the list of important tourist cities in Turkey, and it includes Masukiye, Sapanca, Mount Kartepe, and other green areas of great beauty.

For lovers of golden sandy beaches, and enjoying the sights and coastal activities, the cities of Antalya, Mersin, Alanya, Marmaris, and the amazing Fethiye region are among the richest coastal areas with their natural beauty and the most attractive vital facilities in the world.

Add to that some other cities with special tourist activities, such as Cappadocia, which is famous for its wondrous landmarks and balloon tourism, and Eskisehir, which is known for its entertainment facilities, and other cities famous for their religious historical monuments, such as the city of Urfa and Konya.

The Turkish state took care of breaking the language barrier for the tourists by placing signs in multiple languages and translators in many governmental and private institutions and establishments.
But it would be useful to know some of the most used terms, words, and numbers to make communication easier when needed, which we always recommend. You can also use the help of a tour guide who is fluent in your language and Turkish language to help you.
It is known that the Turkish language contains a large number of Arabic words, and you can easily look for them online.

The sale and purchase operations on the Turkish territory are conducted in the local currency, according to the country's applicable law.

Exchange shops are available in abundance in every place and street and help tourists to exchange any amount in the local currency at the time they want.

Through amazing tours to the most beautiful regions of Turkey, including luxurious hotel accommodation and special day trips and due to its picturesque nature and its charming areas that contain all the seasons at one time, Turkey is the first destination for brides from various countries of the world. It has several seas and many green rivers and mountains and contains archaeological sites, museums, palaces, markets, and rich historical places in general.

You can rent a car in Turkey with ease, as offices are everywhere, and tourism companies provide a car rental service with a driver in most Turkish tourist cities.

Those who want to stay in Turkey with a tourist visa can rent an apartment, and they are not required to obtain a residence permit to stay in Turkey during this period. However, it is better to contact a reliable tourist office through which to rent the apartment to increase safety.

The development and progress that Turkey is witnessing in the tourism sector have made it an important destination for tourists who want to spend enjoyable times on their annual vacation at the lowest possible costs compared to other European Union countries or even neighboring countries. You can have a tour at the lowest costs, by limiting it to public transportation and by renting hotels with a lower rating.

Turkey is known for its wide geographical area, the extension of its lands, and the diversity of its climate, as its north is somehow cold, and the south has a warm climate mostly, which made it suitable for tourism in all seasons of the year.

One of the warm tourist destinations in the winter is the Fethiye region, as it is located within the state of Mugla on the shore of the Aegean Sea. Marmaris also is a good choice in the winter, and it is located north of Fethiye. The Bodrum region can also be a good choice and it is located on a marine headland overlooking the Aegean Sea, and the region has a warm climate and distinguished by the beauty of its picturesque nature. In winter, Antalya sits on the throne of foreign tourism in Turkey after Istanbul, where it receives more than two million tourists annually.

Yalova city can be also among the cheap tourist destinations in winter. Yalova State is located on the southeastern shore of the Marmara Sea, opposite the beaches of Istanbul, and is famous for its sulfurous water baths, which people visit for tourism in Turkey in winter because of its very hot waters on the coldest days of winter.

Choices in winter are endless in Turkey as we have Sakarya city with its beautiful Sapanca Lake and Mount Kartepe, one of the most popular tourist areas suitable for snow skiing near Istanbul. On the other hand, winter tourism in Istanbul is amazing in all its details, as there are dozens of museums that open their doors to visitors in Istanbul, and it turns into a warm park on winter days.

Furthermore, Bursa is one of the closest states to Istanbul as it is separated by the Sea of Marmara by sea and the state of Gebze and Yalova by land. Bursa is mainly known for its majestic Uludag Mountain and the longest cable car in the world, in addition to resorts dedicated to snow skiing.

We have also the Turkish north in winter and the black sea borders most of the states and cities located in the Turkish north. These states enjoy a pleasant winter that is predominantly cold, and one of the most famous regions of the Turkish north in winter is the state of Trabzon that has a magical atmosphere and warm resorts famous for hot sulfur waters.

You can go to countless tourist attractions on your own in Turkey for exploration and other wonders of tourism in Turkey. The first of which are Istanbul, and Antalya, the land of myths in Turkey, and Patra Beach that is one of the best tourist places in Turkey, as well as Ankara, famous for the new Turkey, Fethiye, the bride of the Mediterranean, the valley of butterflies, Cappadocia, the city of balloons, the historic city of Ephesus, and the city of Pamukkale.

Currency exchange shops (Döviz) are everywhere, but some wish to keep most of their money and spend what they need, as they can get more reasonable prices in the city center and tourist areas, in addition to banks, jewelry stores, and much more of exchange offices located in all states. Also, a credit card can be used in most places where electronic payment is available.

Value-added tax; a tax that is imposed at different rates on spending, according to the Value-Added Tax Law No. 3065 of 1984, and although companies pay this tax according to the sales profits that they achieve, this tax is mainly deducted from the final consumers of the goods, meaning that this tax is deducted in the end from the individual who consumes the goods, and this tax is applied in almost all countries of the world, and it is imposed in Turkey according to the necessity of consumed goods in three percentages, the least of which is 1%

The tax value can be refunded to any foreigner, or any Turkish citizen officially residing outside Turkey, and the price of the product whose tax value is to be restored must exceed 100 Turkish liras.

When purchasing a product, be sure to request a “tax-free” invoice stamped with the electronic invoice logo (e-fatura). If the employee does not give you an invoice with the “e-fatura” logo, you must check with the customs department at the airport to verify the bill, and it is preferable to go early before your plane takes off, look for the "Tax-Free Point" office at the airport, and request a refund of the tax value. The Tax Refund Office also provides its services at several points within cities.

Turkey has countless attractions for hiking, practicing meditation in the open air, and enjoying the beauty of nature, including:

Camlik National Park in Yozgat, like this park, is located within the borders of Yozgat in the heart of Anatolia, and extends on green land surrounded by steppes on every side, and is one of the most famous parks in Turkey, characterized by its rich vegetation and green space, and it contains many types of animals wildlife, as it offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, and it has places created for camping.

Kartepe-Aslanas Park, is one of the most beautiful parks in Turkey, as it is located within the borders of the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean region, and is distinguished by the rich vegetation cover that is distributed on the banks of the river and lake in it, which gives it charming green magic, and many animals live in its forests wild ones, such as foxes, pigs, rabbits, deer, jackals, and many types of birds, such as partridges.

Sok Su National Park in Ankara; is one of the best parks in Turkey, as this park is located in the Kızılcahamam area, 80 km from the Turkish capital Ankara, and is characterized by a tree covering of coniferous trees.

The Marmara Sea region and one of the most important features of this park are that it constitutes a point where the paths of migratory birds from Anatolia to Europe. It also contains Lake Manas Kush, which is a natural source for the fluctuation of the water level during the seasons of the year

Uludag National Park in Bursa, this park extends over an area of 13,042 hectares, within the boundaries of the city of Bursa, and inside it is the Uludag Mountain, which rises 2543 meters, and it is a park rich in coniferous forests, offering its visitors the opportunity to hike, camp, and climb mountains in the summer and spring.

Yedi Guler Park in Bolu, located in the north of Bolu city, and south of Zengal Dak, in the western Mediterranean region. It extends over an area full of evergreen trees and contains seven lakes formed by rock landslides and gathering water, and each of these lakes provides a charming natural painting, offering visitors to the region a great opportunity to enjoy the unlimited beauty of nature, its splendor, and its beautiful colors.

Dilk Peninsula Park, this garden extends over an area of 27,589 hectares, within the borders of the state of Aydin, in the Aegean region, and is one of the best examples of the Mediterranean vegetation cover, which covers a large part of it, as it contains in the northern parts of it vegetation cover, which belongs to the climate Black Sea region.

Mount Sabil National Park in Manisa; as this park is distinguished by the geological richness of its topography, and the diversity of the soils in its lands, as there are many areas for hiking and camping.

Kzeldag National Park in Sparta; characterized by the abundance of Sidr trees in it, and due to the purity of its air, this region is home to those who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergies.

Cycling can also be done in the open air in these places, as well as on the Prince’s Islands in Istanbul.

Outdoor skiing can also be practiced in Turkey’s tourist attractions, especially in Yildiz Mountain, at an altitude of 2252 meters above sea level. It has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkey and is ready to provide all its services to ski enthusiasts from tourists from Turkey and all over the world. Yildiz Mountain has located approximately 58 km from the city center of Sivas, which is located in central Turkey, as well as "Ulu Dag Mountain" in Bursa, and the state of Erzurum.

You can get the free internet for Turkish municipalities, especially in the Istanbul municipality, at the main Metrobus stations, or when you are near the municipalities, and it is known as IPP Wi-Fi in Istanbul, and you can also get it on your mobile, by registering in the network and requesting to send the password on your number, then keep it and open the internet every time you need it. You can also ask in any Turkish state in which you reside about this type of internet when you have to. Thus, you can also request to get free internet service from restaurants, cafes, or hotels when you are there.

Tourists can take pictures in all places in Turkey, especially in tourist areas.

Beaches in Antalya are the first place in the world in the classification of the International Authority for the Blue Flag Beaches for the year 2020 AD, in terms of the number of tourist beaches that carry that flag, which reached 206 beaches. The Spanish city of Valencia came second with 134 beaches, and the city of Ocetani in France ranked third with 109 beaches. Locally, after the beaches of Antalya in Turkey, Mugla came in second place with 102 beaches, and Izmir ranked third with 49 beaches, and Aydin was ranked fourth with 30 blue beaches.


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