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Tourism in Cappadocia: Hot Balloon Rides and The Fairy Chimneys

Tourism in Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for foreign tourists from Europe and the Americas. Read more on Safaraq website.


Explore the Legend of Fairy Chimneys and Balloons City in Cappadocia

Are planning to visit Cappadocia? here you will find the best places and activities that you can do in Cappadocia. Read more on Safaraq.


Important Recommendations Imposed at Airports Under Corona

What is the situation of airports under Corona? And what are the measures taken to reduce infection with this virus, learn about the most important recommendations that impose themselves at airports in the shadow of Corona


Cappadocia has Hosted about 200.000 Tourists since 2021

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism data, Cappadocia has hosted about 197.541 visitors during the first quarter of 2021

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