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Coronavirus preventive measures

Important Recommendations Imposed at Airports Under Corona

What is the situation of airports under Corona? And what are the measures taken to reduce infection with this virus, learn about the most important recommendations that impose themselves at airports in the shadow of Corona


Turkey's Tourist Season: Promising Aspirations for an Exceptional Season

Within the framework of preparations for the tourist season in Turkey, official talks are being conducted by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism with 70 countries around the world, with the aim of revitalizing the tourism movement in Turkey.


Tourism in Turkey | Away from the Danger of Coronavirus

Tourism in Turkey is one of the safe tourist destinations for the countries of the world from the risk of infection with the “Corona” virus, after the British newspaper “Daily Express” included Turkey among the safe destinations for tourists from the emer


Tourism in Antalya: Two Million Tourists

Tourism in Antalya received more than one million tourists during the first eight months, as part of the Safe Tourism Program launched by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism


Tourism Recovery in Turkey

According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of tourists visiting Turkey has reached 17 million tourists since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic till February 2021.


Turkish Airlines Resumes Flights from Britain and Denmark

Turkish Airlines announces resuming flights to two new European destinations after a 4-month hiatus provided that a recent COVID-19 test is obtained.

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