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Istanbul Antalya

Historical places in Turkey

Turkey's Top Tourist Places in Autumn

Learn about Turkey's atmosphere in the fall and what are the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey that you can visit in the fall. You can find it all on Safaraq website.


The Second Oldest Metro in the World in the Karakoy District

Watch and learn about Karakoy, one of the most popular and ancient neighborhoods in Istanbul, where there is the second oldest metro in the world for transportation..


A Mural Sees Daylight after More Than 1,700 Years

A huge 1750-year-old mural rises from under the rubble in the historic city of Laodicea in Turkey, following the ongoing excavations and restoration since 2003... Read more


Antakya's Most Luxurious Hotels on the Oldest Archaeological Site

What is the hotel that overlooks the oldest archaeological peak in Antakya, how was it built, and what is its story? Find out about Turkey's hotels and tourism on your tourist travel site.


Explore Istanbul's Largest Palaces and History

Learn about the best palaces in Istanbul where it is located and how to get there? and the best activities you can do. Read more on Safaraq.


Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul | Restorations are in Progress

Several restoration and repair operations have been carried out on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the last of which was the restoration process that began in 2017, and more than 30% of it has been completed.


Everything about the Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul

Where is the Bosphorus bridge and how to get there? how many bridges are in Istanbul and who build them? all that and more on Safaraq website.


Fatih Mosque in Istanbul

Learn about the history of the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, when it was built and who built it, where is it located, and how to reach it. Read more on Safaraq website.

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