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Istanbul airport

A Tireless Start at Istanbul's Third Airport

Istanbul has witnessed an operational opening at Istanbul's third airport on April 6, 2019. The event that the world has been waiting for years


Ataturk Airport in Turkey Turns into a Beach Park

The Turkish Environmental Ministry is working to transform Ataturk Airport into a public park and exhibition city, and this park will be opened in two phases, the first this year 2019


Important information about Istanbul's new airport

Istanbul Airport connects 60 countries, as well as economies worth $20 trillion.


Important Recommendations Imposed at Airports Under Corona

What is the situation of airports under Corona? And what are the measures taken to reduce infection with this virus, learn about the most important recommendations that impose themselves at airports in the shadow of Corona


International airlines launch flights for the first time to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul's new airport attracts 10 new airlines from 9 countries, and Turkish Air Navigation is making great achievements and records both internally and externally


Istanbul Airport Flights Hit 100,000

The number of Istanbul Airport flights has reached 100,000 since the start of full operation on the sixth of last April until the first of July


Istanbul Airport Ready for Winter

Istanbul Airport has been equipped with all capabilities for the smooth running of air traffic, not impeding flight operations and not delaying passenger flights in the winter


Istanbul Governor Farewells Turkey's First Pilgrims' Group

Turkey's pilgrims leave successively towards the holy lands to perform the Hajj, and the number of pilgrims in Turkey this year is about 80 thousand, and the governor of Istanbul deposits the first batch of them

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