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Istanbul Antalya

The names of the tourist cities of Turkey

Tourism in Turkey: Diverse and Amazing Experiences

Turkey is the new tourism destination in the world because it amazes every visitor with the many famous tourist attractions in all its cities. Read more on Safaraq website.


Turkey's Tourism Rate Record Highs in 2019

The percentage of tourism in Turkey has achieved record numbers, as nearly 6 million tourists visited Turkey during the month of August of this year.


Tourism in Cappadocia: Hot Balloon Rides and The Fairy Chimneys

Tourism in Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for foreign tourists from Europe and the Americas. Read more on Safaraq website.


Istanbul Hosts Creative Cities Conference 2021

Creative cities are a list of cities that have been transformed by cultural diversity into landmarks for creative industries, and the United Nations has announced Istanbul as the winner of its fifteenth conference.


25 Million Tourists to Turkey in 7 Months

Turkey is an important destination for tourists in the world, with the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, in addition to its cheap prices, and the quality of services provided to tourists


Tourism in Antakya

Learn about tourism in Antakya and its most beautiful places to visit. all of that and more on Safaraq website.


Tourism in Winter in Turkey

Have you visited Turkey in winter before? Learn with us in this article about the most beautiful places and tourist destinations in Turkey in the winter season on Safaraq website.


Top 9 National Parks in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the abundance of its natural parks scattered in all states, and in this article we highlight 9 of the most beautiful parks in Turkey, and where are each of them located?

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