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Istanbul Antalya

Public transport in Istanbul

Istanbul's Public Transport System

learn about Public transportation in Istanbul, is it covering all of Istanbul? and where to find the right transportation in Istanbul? Read more on Safaraq website.


The Second Oldest Metro in the World in the Karakoy District

Watch and learn about Karakoy, one of the most popular and ancient neighborhoods in Istanbul, where there is the second oldest metro in the world for transportation..


All You Need to Know about Tourism in Istanbul

All you care to know about the city of Istanbul and its tourism and what are the areas of Istanbul? What are the future projects in it? You can find all of that on Safaraq website.


Istanbul Metro Lines to Be Launched in 2020

Work is underway to complete the advanced stages of Istanbul metro lines in preparation for their activation and launch during the next year 2020.


New metro line without a driver: Ghabzeh Darija

The metro line between Ghabza and Darija is one of the most important projects within the plan, as the metro will be fully automated and without a driver. The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has stated that the metro line tender will be opened in Februa

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