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Istanbul Antalya


Pleasant Tour to the princes’ Islands in Istanbul

A wonderful tour through which we take you to the most beautiful landmarks of the famous Princes’ Islands, including a visit to the largest island in Istanbul Buyukada.


Unforgettable Tour to Yalova

Unforgettable Tour to Yalova where you can visit the most famous landmarks in the city and watch the water falls and much more..


All you Need to Know about Turkey

you can find information about Turkey that is of interest to the investor, resident, and newcomer


Coming soon: the high-speed train line between Izmir and Ankara

Work is currently underway - by the Turkish government - on the construction of a high-speed train line, linking the Turkish capital, Ankara, and Izmir.


Istanbul's tourist arsenal: the cycle of tourism in the city of the two continents

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the foundation stone for the Istanbul Arsenale project overlooking the Golden Horn Bay from the Bosphorus, and it includes museums, tourism, cultural and commercial facilities.


Halkali Region in Istanbul: Life with Another Meaning

Learn about Halkali where it is located and what activities you can do there? Read more on Safaraq website.


Top Information on Visa, Residence and Turkish Citizenship

Learn the most important information about all types of residency in Turkey, how to obtain a visa, the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and what papers are required for it. You can find all of this on Safaraq website.


Growing green spaces in Trabzon

Forests and green spaces in Turkish Trabzon are among the most beautiful tourist places in the eastern Black Sea region, and their areas have recently grown and are characterized by the abundance of afforestation

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