Discover the Best Tourist Program in Istanbul

Discover the Best Tourist Program in Istanbul

Istanbul, where the scent of history blends with the breeze of modernity, offers its visitors unforgettable tourist experiences. At Safaraq Tourism, we take pride in being your ultimate guide on this extraordinary journey, providing meticulously designed tourism programs that cater to all tastes and preferences from the moment you arrive at the airport until your departure.


What makes the tourism programs offered by Safaraq Tourism so special?

At Safaraq, we offer you a comprehensive tourism program characterized by luxury and attention to detail, making your experience in Istanbul unique and comfortable. Here are some key features of our tourism programs:

  • Flight Booking: We assist you in finding the best and most suitable flights for your travel schedule, ensuring the best prices.
  • Accommodation in Distinguished Hotels: We book hotels that match your budget and preferences, ensuring every comfort is provided.
  • Airport Reception: Our team awaits you at the airport to ensure a comfortable and safe arrival at your accommodation.
  • Tourist Tours by Luxury Cars with Driver: We provide you with a luxurious transportation experience in modern and comfortable cars with professional drivers who know Istanbul well.
  • Tour Guide Services: Our professional multilingual guides are ready to enrich your trip with information and stories about every landmark you visit.
  • Booking Tourist Activities: From Bosphorus cruises to shopping tours and cultural activities, we arrange all the details.
  • Translation Services: To overcome language barriers, we offer translation services to ensure smooth communication during your stay.
  • Farewell and Transfer to the Airport on Departure: We ensure your return to the airport is as comfortable and luxurious as the beginning of your journey.

With Safaraq, you are in safe hands from the moment you set foot in Turkey until you depart, ensuring every moment in Istanbul is an unforgettable memory.

What is the best tourism program in Istanbul?

If you are looking for a complete and unique tourist experience that combines diving into the depths of history and enjoying the beauty of nature and architecture, Istanbul offers you all this in a distinguished and elegant manner.

Safaraq Tourism is proud to present our best tourism program in Istanbul, specially designed to meet the expectations and needs of modern tourists, with a perfect mix of cultural and entertainment tours. Let's discover the weekly schedule we prepare for you to enjoy every moment:

  1. Day One: Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Evening tour of the Sultanahmet area including visits to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
  2. Day Two: Visit Topkapi Palace and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.
  3. Day Three: A Bosphorus cruise, with stops at historical villages along the coast.
  4. Day Four: Shopping in the Grand Bazaar and a visit to the Suleymaniye Mosque.
  5. Day Five: A ferry trip to the Princes' Islands, with opportunities for biking and enjoying nature.
  6. Day Six: Tour around the Beyoglu area, Istiklal Street, and the Galata Tower.
  7. Day Seven: A free day to explore the city on your own or buy souvenirs before returning.

The Most Beautiful Tourist Activities in Istanbul

Istanbul, this enchanting city that links two continents, offers a unique blend of activities suitable for all tastes and interests. Here are some of the most beautiful tourist activities you can engage in Istanbul:

  • Visiting Historical Markets: No visit to Istanbul is complete without a tour of the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market, where the alleys are filled with colors, smells, and flavors integral to Turkish culture.
  • Enjoying Turkish Cuisine: Experience traditional dishes such as kebabs, stuffed delights, and baklava, along with tasting Turkish coffee in one of the old cafes.
  • Photography Tours: For photographers and photography enthusiasts, Istanbul offers stunning scenes from ornate mosques to old streets and natural views along the Bosphorus.
  • Visiting Mosques, Churches, and Museums: From the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) to Hagia Sophia and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, every corner of this city tells a deep story of history and art.
  • Bosphorus Cruises: These cruises are one of the most magnificent ways to explore the city, offering views of historic palaces and elegant villas along the shores.
  • Traditional Turkish Baths: For a deep relaxation experience, we recommend visiting one of the traditional baths where you can enjoy massage and scrub sessions that make you feel renewed and energized.
  • Cultural and Musical Events: Enjoy attending a music concert or a cultural festival that reflects Turkish art and traditional music.

Book the Most Beautiful Tourism Programs in Istanbul with Safaraq Tourism

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Istanbul in the best possible way. Book with us today to ensure an unforgettable tourist experience. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about the offers and programs we provide. With Safaraq Tourism, you are in safe hands. Connect with us today, and let Istanbul open its doors to you with all its charm and beauty!