Discover the Best Tourist Program in Trabzon with Safaraq Tourism

Discover the Best Tourist Program in Trabzon with Safaraq Tourism

Trabzon, the unique city located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, is a captivating destination that attracts visitors from around the globe. Nestled between towering green mountains and the turquoise waters of the sea, Trabzon serves as a gateway to rich history and stunning natural beauty. Known for its confluence of civilizations over the ages, the city showcases Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks, making it a perfect spot for history and culture enthusiasts.

At Safaraq Tourism, we take pride in offering customized travel packages designed to explore the hidden gems of Trabzon from the moment you arrive until your departure.


Features of Safaraq Tourism's Travel Packages in Trabzon:

  • Flight Booking: At Safaraq Tourism, we facilitate your journey from start to finish. We offer comprehensive assistance in booking flights and selecting the best options that fit your schedule and budget. We collaborate with a wide range of airlines to ensure you receive the best possible fares.
  • Accommodation: We guarantee a comfortable and luxurious stay at some of the best hotels in Trabzon. Whether you're looking for luxury in five-star hotels or simplicity and comfort in more economical options, Safaraq Tourism handles all accommodation arrangements to meet your needs and preferences.
  • Airport Reception and Farewell: To ensure a safe and comfortable start and end to your trip, Safaraq Tourism provides airport reception and farewell services. Our representatives will be waiting for you upon arrival to assist with luggage and transport to your accommodation, and they will also be with you at departure to ensure you reach the airport in ample time before your flight.
  • Luxury Car Tours: We offer a luxurious and comfortable travel experience in modern, well-equipped vehicles with professional drivers who are well-acquainted with Trabzon. Whether you want to explore historical sites or enjoy the landscapes, tours will be tailored to suit your interests and comfort.
  • Tour Guide Services: To enhance your travel experience, Safaraq Tourism provides professional, multilingual tour guides with deep knowledge of the area and its history. Our guides are ready to enrich your trip with information and stories that bring each site you visit to life, making your trip not just relaxing but also educational and culturally enriching.

What is the best tourist program in Trabzon?

Discover Trabzon, the jewel of the Black Sea, with our exceptional travel package that covers the finest sights and activities. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey that will be etched in your memory with each passing day.

1. Day 1: Arrival and City Exploration

Warm reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel for check-in. After some rest, enjoy an evening tour in the heart of Trabzon, visiting traditional markets and dining at a local restaurant serving delicious Turkish dishes.

2. Day 2: Visit Sumela Monastery

Travel to the stunning Sumela Monastery perched on a cliff amidst dense forests. Enjoy the opportunity for breathtaking photography and learn about the monastery's rich history during a tour with a professional guide.

3. Day 3: Explore Uzungol Lake

Spend a full day at Uzungol Lake, one of the most famous lakes in Turkey, with opportunities to walk around the lake and enjoy boat rides. Also, have a picnic lunch beside the lake, taking in the enchanting nature and capturing photos of the stunning landscapes.

4. Day 4: Trip to Sultan Murat Heights

Visit Sultan Murat Heights, where you can enjoy views of the green mountains and pristine nature. Relish a hiking tour in nature, followed by a traditional lunch at a mountain restaurant.

5. Day 5: Visit Rize and Ayder

Head to the green city of Rize, known for its extensive tea plantations and stunning natural scenery. Continue to Ayder to enjoy the hot springs and the coastal nature's beauty, with chances to walk through valleys and waterfalls.

6. Day 6: Trabzon Castle and Shopping Tour

Visit the historic Trabzon Castle to explore its corridors and learn about the city's history. Return to the city center for a shopping day, where you can purchase souvenirs and local products.

7. Day 7: Departure Day

A free day to explore the city independently or relax at the hotel. Later, farewell at the hotel and head to the airport with our services to ensure a smooth and comfortable departure.

Book the most beautiful travel packages in Trabzon with Safaraq Tourism

At Safaraq Tourism, we offer comprehensive travel packages that cover all aspects of your trip from the moment you arrive until departure. We pride ourselves on providing our services with full flexibility, adapting to your requirements and ensuring all your needs are met.

Whether you wish to modify the itinerary, choose different accommodations, or add special activities, our team is ready to offer all the support and assistance to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Choose Safaraq Tourism for your next trip to Trabzon and enjoy the best the city has to offer with ease and comfort.