CNN Arabic Interviews the Marketing Manager of Safaraq Tourism

CNN Arabic Interviews the Marketing Manager of Safaraq Tourism

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From Bursa, Turkey's green tourist destination, and Istanbul’s neighbour, the sunshine of Safaraq Tourism today is shining on CNN Arabic.

CNN Arabic Interviews Safaraq Tourism Marketing Manager about Bursa's Most Famous Attractions

Speaking to CNN Arabic about one of Bursa's most famous landmarks: the perennial tree or what is known in Turkish as Inkaya, Mr Raed Younes, marketing manager of Safaraq Tourism, talked about the history of this famous landmark and its high tourist value.

Mr Younis said, "Inkaya is known as the perennial tree, as well as many names and titles, such as the historical tree and the Ottoman tree, where its cultivation is likely to date back to the Ottoman Era."

"Visitors flock to the perennial tree to sit under it during the summer, and enjoy nights, cool breeze, and what the surrounding cafés offer," added Younes.

For the article, click on the following link: «"Nicknamed 'Ottoman Tree' in Turkey»  A giant tree more than 6 centuries old among the oldest in the world   

The Giant Perennial Tree in Bursa

Bursa's historic perennial tree is one of the city's most visited and popular tourist attractions.

The tree is located in the village of Inkaya, 7 km from Bursa city centre, on the famous Mount Uludag road.

The tree is estimated to be about 6 centuries old, which means that it has experienced the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire in the region, while its length extends to 37 or 38 meters, with approximately 10 meters circumference, and the branches and shade of the tree cover an area of 920 square meters.


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