Aya Sofya Mosque Trabzon

Aya Sofya Mosque Trabzon

Aya Sofya Mosque Trabzon was built in 1461, a symbol of the conquer of Trabzon. It was illegally turned into a museum in 1961 and remained so until it was reopened to worship in 2013.

Hagia Sophia Mosque Trabzon Over History

The story of Aya Sofya Mosque begins from the time of the occupation of Istanbul by the Latins, from which Manuel I escaped and founded his empire in Trabzon. He ordered the construction of a church between 1250-1260 and called Hagia Sophia, meaning 'Divine Wisdom' or 'Holy Wisdom'. It remained as a church after Sultan Mehmet opened Trabzon in 1461 until it was converted into a mosque in 1584 by order of the Sultan, then a dignitary, Muhammad Ali, added a pulpit and place for the muezzin.

Aya Sofya Mosque in Trabzon

In 1610, Trabzon was ruled by Roman ruler Julian, who neglected the mosque until it became abandoned and remained so for a long time. A Group of Muslims collected 95,000 Kurus and was restored as a mosque after being used by the Romans as a church for a while.

In World War I, the Russians, who occupied Trabzon, used it as a warehouse and military hospital. After the war, it remained a mosque for a while, then became a museum which thousands of tourists visited every year. It remained a museum for 52 years until it was reopened for worship on June 28, 2013.

Its main structure is one of the most beautiful models of the late Byzantine churches. little aya sofya is based on three axes in the north, west and south, while the only dome is covered with brick and has a base of 12 corners.

Aya Sofya museum in Trabzon

The interior is decorated with multicoloured mosaics. As you contemplate the mosque's inner stones, you will notice the fascinating mixture of the Byzantine Christian and Seljuk-Ottoman Islamic architecture, making it one of Turkey's most featured mosques.


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