Ikizdere Trabzon: The Wonderful Tourist Village Near Trabzon

Ikizdere Trabzon: The Wonderful Tourist Village Near Trabzon
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Where is the Village of Ikizdere Located?

Ikizdere is located on the outskirts of the famous tourist city of Trabzon, within the borders of the neighbouring city of Rize, which has a charming nature that is no less good and beautiful than Trabzon.

The village is situated in the middle of a valley surrounded by pine and oak mountains on each side, forming a masterpiece of divine creativity, like pearls scattered on the delightful painting of nature.

Ikizdere is about 35 km from the coastal road connecting Trabzon and Rize, about 43 km from Rize and about 90 km from Trabzon, mistakenly attributed to Trabzon.


What to See in the Village of Ikizdere?

You may rub your eyes twice before you believe the splendour of the scene, which takes you straight to the most spectacular natural sights you've ever seen of Switzerland's beautiful forests.

You would enjoy a magical sight of a valley between two mountains, with a flowing river inviting you to sip delicious cold water, and another scene of a green carpet stretching to no ends at the edges of the forest that covers the mountains of Ikizdere.

You would also enjoy a third scene of the village with its houses scattered in the middle of this oasis, and a fourth scene of the mountains as they topple the white clouds as you breathe fresh breezes of anemone flowers.

Village of Ikizdere

The Most Important Tourist Activities in Ikizdere Trabzon

We recommend visiting the village’s green valley, tea groves and hazelnut trees, as well as enjoying its mountain views, by taking the upward road to the surrounding mountains.

Also don't miss out on visiting Manle Falls, which descends from a high place on a small lake, where you are surrounded by the beauty of the green forest on every side.

You can also visit the archaeological stone bridges on the river below the valley and the wooden houses of Ikizdere.

Some people also like camping at the foothills or plains of the Ikizdere Mountains, an opportunity to breathe the breeze of nature in a location where all the elements of beauty come together.
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Tourist Places near Ikizdere Village

Some of the areas we recommend visiting near the village of Ikizdere are:

  • Mount Ovit:

Mount Ovit has the highest mountain heights in the northern Turkish region, where tourists go to enjoy skiing on the snowy slopes and which keeps its snow for a late period from spring to summer.

Mount Ovit is approximately 35 km from the village of Ikizdere.

  • Sultan Murat Heights:

Sultan Murad Heights is located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, about 96 km from the village of Ikizdere, which is also one of the most beautiful areas with a mountainous environment intended for tourism for its distinctive beauty.

These heights gained their name after Sultan Murad IV and his army stayed there after one of his conquests in1635 and then made them a place to rest.

Trabzon to Visit Ikizdere Village

Tourist Trips to Trabzon to Visit Ikizdere Village

When you visit the Turkish north, no matter how busy your visit plan is, we recommend that you undoubtedly not miss the opportunity to explore the captivating nature of this inherently charming village.

Ikizdere Village

Safaraq Tourism provides diverse and rich tourist programs in the north of Turkey to visit the beautiful parts of Trabzon and Rize, rich in their archaeological and natural monuments.

To find out about our public or private programs, and the professional services we provide, never hesitate to contact our tourist representative and follow the pages of Safaraq Tourism on social media.

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