International Support for Organizing Turkey Winter Olympiad

International Support for Organizing Turkey Winter Olympiad

Federation of International Ski Presidential Candidate, British Sarah Lewis, indicated that Turkey has tremendous potential in winter tourism.

In a briefing to Anadolu Agency on Monday 12.04.2021, Lewis considered Turkey’s potential to make it eligible to organize Winter Olympiad Games in the future.

Strong Infrastructure

Lewis went on praising Turkey’s proper infrastructure for winter tourism, indicating that Turkey has excellent opportunities to attract investments in the winter tourism sector.

About 60% of Turkey’s area is 2000 meters above sea level, as well as heavy snowfalls in Turkey in winter.

 “Climate change and global warming are the biggest challenges facing winter sports worldwide,” said Lewis.

International Ski Federation will need countries like Turkey where the climate is suitable for organizing the Winter Olympiad in Turkey.

Winter Olympiad in Turkey

 Acclaim to Turkey Ski Federation

“Turkey Ski Federation is an excellent organization with a remarkable status at sporting globally,” added Lewis.

“I am looking forward to meeting Ali Oto, Turkey Ski Federation President, to discuss all ways of joint cooperation,” added Lewis.

Winter Tourism in Turkey

Electoral Promises

Lewis emphasized the International Ski Federation’s efforts to cooperating with national and regional federations to prevent Coronavirus negative effects on winter sports.

At the end of her briefing, Lewis showed her intention to achieve a quantum leap within the International Ski Federation in case of winning elections in June.

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