The best shopping malls in Bursa

The best shopping malls in Bursa
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Bursa is one of the most important tourist states that attract visitors in Turkey, because of its modern centers and various commercial malls, which include many products from the most famous local and international brands, and the markets of the Turkish city of Bursa receive customers, tempting them with the offers available for the goods available in it and at cheap prices.

The best and largest malls in Bursa in Turkey

In an attempt to provide everything useful for tourists wishing to visit Bursa, we will provide information about the largest malls in Bursa and the local and international brands that these malls contain.

We will also present a comprehensive study of the most important tourist centers that are distributed in areas close to the malls in Bursa and the hotels that are concentrated near them. Follow us through Safaraq Travel.

1. Zafer Plaza

Zafer Plaza complex is one of the oldest marketing centers in the state of Inch. It was opened in 1999 AD, and it was designed by the architects Ishim and Hairy Anuroglu, who are considered one of the most famous architects in Turkey. This complex is characterized by its wonderful engineering design and its privileged location in the city center.

Zafer Plaza complex, which is one of the largest commercial complexes in Bursa, consists of 6 floors in general, three of which are in the basement floors, and the other three are on the upper floors.

It includes many shops selling the latest products from local and international fashion markets, in addition to restaurants and cafes that offer fast food and drinks of various kinds.

On the upper floor of this building, there is a cinema hall and a private balcony, while on the lower floors of this building there are libraries, playgrounds, clothes, cosmetics and technology stores.

One of the most distinctive features of the Zafer Plaza complex is the glass pyramid made of steel, inspired by the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, and whose roof forms the underground part of the Zafer Plaza complex.

This glass pyramid consists of 4 facades and 2 entrances, and it contains a total of 16 windows, in addition to 4 symmetrical windows on each facade.

Its pyramid reflects daylight to the lower floors, and also provides ventilation to the mall thanks to the windows that are usually open.

Zafer Plaza complex is located in the most central Osmangazi district of Bursa. The tourist can reach this mall by taking the metro line and getting off at Şehreküstü Station, which is approximately 572 meters away.

Zafer Plaza

The most important tourist centers near Zafer Plaza in Bursa:

  • The famous Uludag Mountain: about 55 km.
  • Bursa cable car: 43 km.
  • Perennial tree: 6.6 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 368 meters.

The most important hotels near Zafer Plaza Complex:

  • Bursa City Hotel: approximately 100 meters.
  • Asmin Bursa Hotel: 130 meters.
  • Karwan Saray Hotel Bursa City: 165 meters.

2. Korupark Bursa Complex

Korupark complex is one of the largest commercial points that attract tourists in Bursa, and it has the longest external facade overlooking the main street in the city.

Korupark complex was built on a total area of ​​about 165 meters and was opened in 2007 in the central Mudanya district of the state, and ranks among the 15 largest shopping malls in Turkey in general.

This complex consists of a luxury residential building, and another building consisting of 3 floors, dedicated to shopping and commercial centers. The commercial building includes large numbers of shopping centers and high-end stores, which include many distinctive Turkish and international brands.

There are also gifts and housewares shops in this mall, restaurants that serve western food and fast food, and cafes overlooking the city streets.

In addition to being a prominent commercial center in the center of Bursa, it includes a hypermarket, which covers an area of ​​12,000 m2, and contains thousands of diverse products, which provide all household needs.

The complex also contains entertainment centers dedicated to all family members, where you can spend the most wonderful times in this mall by playing in bowling and billiard halls and other entertainment halls that include a variety of electronic games, suitable for young and old and of different ages, in addition to the presence of 9 Modern cinema halls equipped with the latest display technologies.

The distinctive geographical location of this commercial complex makes it easier for tourists to reach it, whether by the metro line that passes by the side of the mall and is 174 meters away from it, or by taking taxis and going through the highway, which is located next to the mall.

Korupark Bursa Complex

The most important hotels near the shopping mall:

  • Crown Plaza Bursa Hotel: 5,6 km.
  • Ridvan Nilufer Hotel: 10,39 km.
  • Trio Swiss Hotel: 9,30 km.

The most important tourist places near Korupark Bursa Complex:

  • The Great Mosque: 13,3 km.
  • The Great Tree: 7,4 km.
  • Bursa Cable Car: 3,8 km.

3. Anatollium Mall

One of the largest shopping malls in Turkey is Anatolium Mall, or as it can be called in Turkish, Anatolium Alışveriş Merkezi. This mall occupies a privileged location near the Otogar, in an area called Demirtaş, about 10 km away from the state center.

Anatolium Mall is one of the most recent malls that have been opened in recent years, the best outlet in Bursa, and an important tourist center for Arab and foreign visitors alike.

This mall has a group of shops and stores that display the latest fashions of women's and men's clothing, shoes, and bags, as well as distinctive children's fashion, in addition to home furnishings, electrical appliances, and other requirements at home.

It also provides all entertainment facilities from playrooms and watching movies, in addition to many Turkish restaurants that serve fast food, and cafes that provide quiet sessions for coffee or tea.

The location of Anatolium Mall near the terminal provides easy and quick access for visitors, by using one of the public buses and getting off at the IKEA stop right next to the mall, or you can go by private cars through the D575 motorway that passes near the mall.

Anatollium Mall

The most important hotels near the Anatollium Mall:

  • Hilton Bursa Hotel: 5,2 km.
  • Baia Bursa Hotel: 2 km.

The most important tourist areas located near the mall:

  • The Great Mosque: 10,7 km.
  • Bursa Cable Car: 13,7 km.
  • Uludag Mountain: 54,4 km.

4. Carrefour Bursa

Carrefour Center is one of the largest commercial centers in Turkey in general, characterized by its unique design and elegant architectural style, and its central location in the Nilufer district, which is classified as one of the most prestigious areas in Bursa.

It was established in 2001 on a total area of ​​100,000 square meters, and it consists of one building consisting of 3 floors. This building includes approximately 150 shops, where clothing, shoes, and jewelry from the most famous international brands and local Turkish brands are displayed.

There are also shops selling souvenirs, accessories, electronic items, furnishings, and other household items in this mall.

In addition to a section dedicated to Turkish and international restaurants, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops, and another section dedicated to children's games, cinemas, and entertaining events.

There are many options to reach this mall. There is a taxi stand at approximately 285 meters, a public bus stop, and at a very short distance, there is the E881 highway, which facilitates the arrival of visitors to shop in this mall.

Carrefour Bursa

The most important hotels near the Carrefour Bursa Mall:

  • Sheraton Bursa Hotel: 1,1 km.
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel: 800 meters

The most important tourist centers near Carrefour Bursa Mall:

  • The Great Mosque: 7,4 km.
  • Bursa cable car: 10 km.

5. Marka Mall

Marka Mall complex provides you with a shopping experience rich in fun and entertainment in Bursa. It consists of 3 residential, office, and commercial buildings. It is a prominent tourist destination in the Nilufer district, next to the Carrefour Bursa Mall.

This commercial complex, which was built according to the latest architectural methods in 2017, on a total land area of ​​75,000 square meters, is one of the most attractive commercial malls in recent years.

Marka Mall includes a variety of local and international brands in various fields of shoes, clothing, and furnishings, distributed over 250 large shops, in addition to what it contains electronics and household appliances.

What’s distinctive about this mall is the large balcony overlooking Uludag Mountain, and it includes a group of the most famous Turkish and international restaurants and fast-food restaurants distributed on the top floor of the mall.

Tourists who wish to shop at Marka Mall can reach it by taking the metro line, getting off at Nilufer station, approximately 700 meters from the mall, or taking the D200 highway by taxi.

Marka Mall

The most important hotels near the Marka Mall:

  • Alfort Bursa Hotel: 278 meters.
  • Sheraton Hotel: 325 meters.
  • Ramada Hotel: 295 meters.

The most important tourist areas near the mall:

  • The Great Tree: 4,4 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 7,7 km.
  • Bursa cable car: 10,7 km.

6. Metro Mall

A huge shopping mall located on Izmir Road in the state of Bursa contains all the products that fall within household needs and is characterized by its cheap prices compared to other commercial centers.

Going to Metro Mall, which is a large shopping center in Bursa, is by taking the metro line, and getting off at the Kucuk Station near it.

Metro Mall

The most important areas near Metro Mall:

  • The Great Tree: 12 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 13,4 km.
  • Bursa cable car: 16 km.

The most important hotels near the mall:

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel: 5,9 km.
  • Birlik Bursa Hotel: 3,4 km.
  • Dalos Hotel: 920 meters.

7. Podium Park Bursa

Podium Park is one of the most modern shopping and entertainment centers in Turkey. It occupies a strategic place in the prestigious and central Nilufer district of Bursa and is built on a total area of ​​85,000 m2.

Since its opening in 2015, the Podium Park Mall has received thousands of visitors throughout the day, as there are various malls that contain the most famous local and international brands, in addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes that allow sitting and eating food and drinks in a wonderful atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the Podium Mall in Bursa is that it allows visitors to spend the most wonderful times in the Aquapark by swimming in the water pools suitable for young and old people and who like to practise many different water activities.

In addition, the Podium Mall includes a wide range of electrical games, entertainment rooms that suit different age groups, and includes a wedding hall, and a headquarters that hosts many events and activities in various fields such as sports and art.

It also includes some playgrounds for football, tennis, and basketball, a fitness hall with the latest modern sports equipment, and areas for skating and cycling.

There are many ways to reach the mall area by taking the bus number M9 and getting off at the Gwan station, or you can also go by the metro line that connects to the Bech-Orler area, then continue on the B-8 bus and get off at the Gwan station.

Podium Park Bursa

The most important hotels near Podium Park Bursa Mall:

  • Best Bursa Hotel: 3,5 km.
  • Adranos Hotel: 4 km.
  • Birlik Bursa Hotel: 3,6 km.

The most important areas near the mall:

  • Mountain Uludag: 40 km.
  • Bursa cable car: 15 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 13 km.

8. Andalus Mall

Andalus Mall, which opened in 2016, is one of the major commercial complexes in Bursa. It consists of a commercial building, and another dedicated to residential apartments.

In the commercial building, store exhibits vary among fashion, electronics, food, home furnishings, furniture, and children's toys, and include many global brands featuring the latest fashion cries, women's and men's clothing, as well as distinctive costumes for children's sales.

Not to mention, there is a floor dedicated to all restaurants and cafes, with various international and Turkish brands, and there is a huge market on another floor of this mall, which provides all household needs.

Andalus Mall occupies a privileged geographical location in the Nilufer district in the center of Bursa and is next to the D575 highway, which makes it easy for tourists to reach it to a large extent.

The presence of the EMEK metro station approximately 600 meters away also provides a quick option to reach this mall, or you can go to this mall by taking public buses or taxis.

Andalus Mall

The most important areas near the Andalus Mall:

  • The Great Tree: 15,3 km
  • Bursa cable car: 20,7 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 18,5 km.

The most important hotels near the mall:

  • Sheraton Hotel: 12,4 km.
  • Ramada Hotel: 11,4 km
  • Forum Back Hotel: 12,6 km.

9. Kent Meydan Mall

Kent Meydan Mall, which extends over a total area of ​​10,000 m2, is on the list of the largest malls in Bursa. It consists of 3 floors dedicated to shopping, and two floors dedicated to parking. With its central location in the center of the state, it receives a large number of visitors daily.

There are more than 104 shops selling various local and international brands of clothing and shoes, in addition to shops selling accessories, electronics, and souvenirs.

Speaking of the entertainment sections, the outdoor arena of this mall turns into an ice hall, to attract ski lovers in the winter, and cultural events and festivals are organized on national occasions, in addition to many gyms that provide games suitable for all ages.

The huge cinema hall with modern technologies, which shows the latest international films, is among the distinctive entertainment facilities in this mall, and a variety of restaurants and cafes are distributed on the lower floors of the mall, which offer the most delicious eastern and western food.

Since the mall is located in the central Osmangazi district of Bursa, the process of reaching it is very easy, as there are metro, public buses, and tram stations near the mall.

Kent Meydan Mall

The most important hotels near the Kent Meydan Mall:

  • Central Hotel: 850 meters.
  • Almira Hotel: 950 meters.
  • Astoria Hotel: 1 km.

The most important tourist areas near the mall:

  • The Great Tree: 7,7 km
  • Bursa cable car: 5 km.
  • The Great Mosque: 3 km.

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