Tourism in Istanbul in September

Tourism in Istanbul in September
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Istanbul never stops dazzling visitors at all times and seasons. Some think that summer is the best time to visit it, but the right time for a large number of people and visitors is when congestion decreases, so they think that September is the best time to visit the wonderful ancient city; congestion decreases, prices decrease, and the weather is not as hot as summer, it is pleasant most days of the month.

Weather in Istanbul in September

Temperatures in September are around an average of 20 degrees Celsius, and the weather is ripe for rain showers. On the whole, the air is light, and the weather is suitable for tours in the oldest and most important Turkish cities.

The Most Important Places to Visit in Istanbul in September

In this article, we will find out about some of the famous tourist places in Istanbul in September.

Sultanahmet Region

The Fatih and Sultanahmet area in the heart of European Istanbul is one of the most attractive areas of Istanbul, known for its heritage, fame and status among religious and international tourism.

Sultanahmet Region

Bosphorus Strait

It is a strait of water with a length of 30 km, and width between (550 m and 3000 m), dividing the city into two parts on two different continents (Asia and Europe).

It is one of the most important places and tourist attractions in Istanbul. On the strait, the three bridges of Istanbul were built, namely the Bosphorus Bridge, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Sultan Selim I Bridge.

The Bosphorus is filled with tourist places on its banks such as the Maiden Tower, Dolmabahce Palace, Beylerby and Topkapi Palaces, as well as Rumeli Castle and Anatolian Castle.

Ortakoy Area

The Ortakoy area of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of the city and the most attractive tourist area for tourists. Because of its wonderful beauty, the number of citizens who go to this area may be equal to the number of tourists visiting it.

Ottoman palaces and castles on its edges, the coast overlooking the Bosphorus and the region give a distinctive charm and beauty, with a coast extending about a kilometre long.

It contains seating areas to enjoy the beauty of the bridge and the strait, amid a special atmosphere and popular evenings on summer nights and the beginning of autumn.

Ortakoy Area

Galata Tower in Istanbul

Galata Tower with its magnificent geometric shape is one of the most important tourist symbols of Istanbul with its geographical location overlooking the strait.

Whoever tours Istiklal Street or the Eminonu area must visit this ancient tower, and whoever goes up the top of this tower will be on a date with a panoramic view of the city; he will see the entire Bosphorus Bridge with the surrounding famous tourist places and historical archaeological mosques on its banks.

Galata Tower in Istanbul

Princes’ Islands

The Princes’ Islands are one of the most famous tourist places in Istanbul, and it consists of nine small islands in the Sea of Marmara different in area, namely: Buyukada, Heybeliada Island, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Sedef Adasi, Yassiada, Sivriada, Kasik Adasi, Tavsan Adasi.

Visitors from all over the world visit it to enjoy its enchanting landscapes.

Zoo in Istanbul

The zoo is one of the most pleasant tourist places for families in Istanbul tourists prefer to visit to see multiple species of wild birds and aquatic animals and observe their pleasant actions, have fun and entertain with them, as it has wide green spaces for recreation amid a collection of the most beautiful flowering trees and rare plants.

Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium is one of the most beautiful places for fun tourism in Istanbul, a very beautiful new water and tropical park.

When you visit it, you can see the different species of fish and marine life of various colours and sizes, such as the small crocodile, shark, penguins, and other species, and take photo ops of the most beautiful times.

Eminonu Port on the European Side of Istanbul

Eminonu Port is located in the Eminonu district of the Fatih Municipality, close to Sultanahmet Mosque and other famous tourist places in Istanbul. From its port, cruises to nearby ports take you on a very beautiful journey to enjoy the splendour of the historical monuments around it.

Istanbul Basilica Tank

One of the famous tourist places in Istanbul is the Basilica Cistern, or what is known to the Turks (yere batan), located opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

It is an underground water tank on an area of nine thousand square meters, the largest among hundreds of ancient tanks located under Istanbul, and dates back to the sixth century during the reign of the Byzantine Empire.

This place is visited by a large number of tourists, especially in the summer and early autumn, and is very suitable to visit in September.

Istanbul Basilica Tank

The Most Important Tourist Activities in Istanbul in September

There are a lot of tourist activities to enjoy in Istanbul in September, the most important of which are:

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul is not only a centre of tourism and recreation; it is a spot for shopping and fashion lovers. There are wide options in its markets and archaeological shops, famous commercial centres, and even popular markets.

You will not only find everything new; you will also find affordable prices. Whoever is looking for famous international and Turkish brands will find them there.

Children and young people can enjoy entertainment in September. There are also weddings and honeymoon places for unforgettable experiences, as well as birthday and graduation parties and others.

There are also many cultural places in Istanbul such as museums, archaeological libraries, entertainment venues, such as aerobic and water theme parks, swimming with dolphins, as well as exotic exhibitions made of chocolate or small models, and the famous coffee festival.

Other Cities in Turkey to Visit in September

In addition to Istanbul, many tourist cities can be visited in September, some of which are close to Istanbul such as Kocaeli and Sakarya, which have the famous Sapanca and Masukiye regions.

Some cities are far from Istanbul, but worth the trip too, such as Trabzon, the bride of the sea, Antalya, the bride of tourism, and Rize, Bursa and others.

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