Tourism in Marmaris Turkey

Tourism in Marmaris Turkey
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Information about Marmaris

Marmaris, located in Mugla, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities, featuring stunning natural beauty, made it an attractive tourist spot in Turkey. The city’s economy is mainly dependant on tourism, and many tourists visit it to enjoy its charming places and historical monuments.

Where is Marmaris Located?

Marmaris is located in southwestern Turkey, on the Aegean Sea coasts, where the Aegean Sea meets with the Mediterranean Sea.

How Far is Marmaris from Istanbul?

Marmaris is 720 km from Istanbul, about an 8-hour drive.

Top 6 Tourist Places in Marmaris

1. Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is one of the city’s most amazing historical places, a tourist destination for thousands of visitors every year. The castle was built 1000 years BC by Greeks, and it was restored by orders of Sultan Suleyman Kanuni in 1544. It has a medium-size yard, surrounded by walls from all sides, with a small amphitheatre and remains of broken statues and clay pots that date back to early ages. Besides, the castle contains a museum featuring ancient clothes, weapons, and artefacts.

2. Marmaris Bazaar

Marmaris Bazaar is one of the city’s most attractive spots, offering a wide variety of traditional Turkish goods and modern ones as well. It is located in Tepe District, one of Marmaris’ lively areas which many tourists visit to enjoy its monuments. In addition, the bazaar has various restaurants and cafes offering the most delicious food and drinks.

Tourism in Marmaris Turkey

3. Icmeler Beach

With its golden sands and crystal water, Icmeler Beach is one of Marmaris’ most beautiful tourist places, featuring popularity and modernity alike. The beach is surrounded by green spaces, adding to its charm and beauty. Tourists will have the chance to enjoy not only relaxation but also action-packed activities such as jet ski riding, windsurfing, and diving.

4. Dalyan

Dalyan is one of the favourite tourist spots for spending the summer holiday due to its sea and natural beauty. It is known for its rural houses surrounded by pine trees. Koycegiz is one of the city’s beautiful natural spots. Not to mention, tourists will have the chance to try a mud bath and enjoy swimming in hot mineral water.

5. Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath tops the world’s baths, featuring top cleanness, relaxation, steam, and historical rituals. In Marmaris, no tourist would miss the experience of a Turkish bath, enjoying an hour of a rubdown with soap, fragrant Oils, and hot water by the hands of experts.

6. Aqua Dream Water Park

 Aqua Dream Water Park is one of Marmaris’ most prominent fun places, located on a few hills with charming views of the sea and mountains. The water park has a wide variety of games for adults and children, including slides, tunnels, swimming and wave pools, plus restaurants serving the most delicious Turkish food.

the most beautiful tourist places in Marmaris

Top 4 Markets in Marmaris

Marmaris has a wide variety of markets offering all tourists’ needs. In the following lines, we will discover the most prominent ones:

1. Grand Bazaar Marmaris

Grand Bazaar is one of the most famous markets in Marmaris. Tourists will have the chance to explore a range of traditional Turkish items to bring back as souvenirs, such as onyx vases, bowls and ashtrays, mosaic lanterns, Turkish clothes, metal wares, leather, carpets, shoes, bags and jewellery.

2. Blue Port Shopping Centre

Located in Siteler, Blue Port is one of Marmaris’ top malls, with a wide variety of shops from household and electric appliances to the most international trademark brands of clothes.

3. Netsel Marina Shopping Mall

Netsel Marina is one of Marmaris’ top shopping malls, rich in products and known for its low prices. The mall has a range of international shops offering clothes, bags, shoes, and souvenirs. In addition, it has a few restaurants serving local and international food.

4. Thursday Bazaar

With its open architectural design, Thursday Bazaar is one of the city’s most affordable bazaars. Most of its products are Turkish, and it has shops selling food supplies, vegetables, fruits, fish, clothes, bags, and shoes.

Marmaris beaches

Top 8 Beaches in Marmaris

1. Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Marmaris. It is located on Kleopatra Island, 16 km from Marmaris, known for its golden sands. The beach is also called Sidra Beach in respect to the ancient city of Sidra.

2. Marmaris Urban Beach

Marmaris Urban Beach is one of the city’s most popular, lively, and charming beaches, with golden sands and crystal water. It is free of charge beach, spreading out along the city centre.

3. Uzunyali Long Beach

An ideal place for diving, Long Beach is one of Marmaris’ most significant spots, spreading out along the sandy coastline for kilometres. The beach has a range of restaurants, cafes, and shops where tourists can buy souvenirs.

4. Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach is the most popular beach in Marmaris, 8 km west of Marmaris, featuring charming golden sands where tourist can relax and enjoy a wide variety of water sports. The beach is cleaned every night.

5. Turunc Beach

Turunc Beach is located west of Marmaris, with the Blue Flag planted on its powdery sands, meaning it complies with all international standards of environmental health, cleanness, and safety. The beach is situated among hills and mountains with stunning views of the crystal sea, where tourists who like clean water, golden sands, and fresh air enjoy a range of activities, including jet skis, sea tours, or a safari in a jeep.

6. Kumlubuk Beach

Famous for its crystal water and stunning sands, Kumlubuk Beach is one of Marmaris’ charming beaches, 6 km away from Turunc Beach, a popular one for those who like relaxation, walking, swimming, and fun. The beach can be accessed by sea.

7. Girl Sand Beach

Girl Sand Beach or Kizkumu Beach is located in Orhaniye Village, 30 km from Marmaris, one of the most visited tourist spots. The beach is known for its red sands, where tourists enjoy walking. According to the legend, a king’s daughter wanted to reach her lover by sea, mistakenly shot by some soldiers, and her blood coloured the sands in red where she walked.

Marmaris markets

8. Akyaka Beach

Akyaka Beach is one of Marmaris’ top beaches, with the Blue Flag planted on its sands, meaning it complies with all international standards of environmental health, cleanness, and safety, one of the best spots for relaxation and swimming. The beach has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes that add to its charm. It is worth noting that entry is free of charge. Tourists flock to the beach, believing it is a charming natural painting coloured by golden sands and blue water.


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