Zigana Trabzon: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Zigana Trabzon: A Comprehensive Guide 2024
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The increase in tourists is one of the indicators of the importance of Turkey, which has won premium status among the large countries in global tourism.

Perhaps the most important factor in attracting tourists is the picturesque nature and the spectacular highland scenes. Zigana Highlands area, which will be the focus of our detailed article, is one of the most fantastic areas to visit in Trabzon.

Where is Zigana Located in Trabzon?

It is popular with tourists that Zigana is located in Trabzon, but in fact, it is located in Gumushane, adjacent to Trabzon on the southern side, about 40 km away.

The area rises 2115 meters above sea level and is bordered to the east by the Atalar, to the west by Asagi Karadera, to the north, Trabzon, and the south, Ikeso.

How to go to Zigana from Trabzon

You can take the southern Trabzon road to enter Gumushane to the north, follow the road signs to enter the Zigana tunnel, and then after crossing the tunnel head east 3.5 km to the centre of Kayak, where you can use more than one means to reach.

Tourist Value of Zigana Mountains

As the number of tourists increases, the tourist value of the Zigana Mountains is evident; sights of pine trees, clear waters, biodiversity and natural diversity, fresh air, and ski trails make it one of the most important tourist areas.

Nature in Zigana Trabzon

Combined with the relaxed tranquillity, trees, fresh streams, the pleasant weather of summer, the high mountains, and snow, nature in Zigana paints the most magnificent paintings.

Tourist Village of Zigana Trabzon

The tourist village of Zigana reflects the most spectacular nature scenes in the most beautiful paintings, with trees, towering heights, and plants and water that give the village added value.

The village has restaurants serving the tastiest meals and the most delicious Turkish cuisine.

The village is famous for its wooden huts, built in lively places where visitors like to hold family meetings, and barbecues near the house or next to fireplaces that add to the house an atmosphere of unforgettable warmth.

Zigana in Winter: Ski Centre in Trabzon

The Zigana Ski Centre attracts foreign and domestic tourists, receiving more than 150,000 visitors from domestic and foreign tourists each year.

It is one of the most important and famous tourist places in the region. It is preferred by tour groups to practice various activities in the densely wooded highlands with snow thicknesses of up to 150 cm.

The total length of the centre is about 661 meters, and the resort consists of two tracks: medium and difficult and contains an elevator for those who cannot or do not prefer to climb mountains. It provides ski supplies, and those who are not good at skiing can be trained by an intern team. The place is an ideal spot during the summer months.

At the beginning of January, the ski stands are opened, depending on the average snowfall, and tourists who want to spend days at the Zigana Ski Resort are generally recommended to prepare and plan at the beginning of the winter months.

Zigana Trabzon

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