Unveiling the Magic of the Desert: A Luxurious Safari Experience in Dubai

Unveiling the Magic of the Desert: A Luxurious Safari Experience in Dubai

Dubai, the glittering city known for its towering skyscrapers and vast shopping centers, is a magnet for tourists from all corners of the globe. However, beyond its modern landmarks, Dubai also offers unique and unforgettable experiences in its magnificent desert through desert safari tours. These excursions provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the enchanting Arabian desert, offering a mix of tradition and modernity.


What does a typical desert safari itinerary in Dubai look like?

1. Four-Wheel Drive Adventure

The journey begins with the gathering of tourists at city points where they are transported to the desert in four-wheel-drive vehicles. This part of the trip features dune bashing, an exciting driving experience over high dunes that offers a thrilling adrenaline rush. These tours also provide stunning views of the ever-changing colors of the desert at sunset.

2. Traditional Camp Hosting

After the thrilling ride, guests are welcomed into traditional camps that mimic the Bedouin style. Here, visitors can experience Bedouin life by wearing traditional Arab attire, trying henna tattoos, and enjoying falconry shows, integral parts of Arab heritage. A delicious dinner featuring a selection of traditional Arab dishes is also served.

3. Stargazing

A highlight of the desert safari is the opportunity to gaze at the star-filled sky away from the city’s bustling lights. Lying under the stars in the desert offers a magical and rare experience for visitors, where they can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by the desert environment.

4. Environmental Consideration

Companies organizing desert safaris in Dubai adhere to sustainability standards and environmental protection. Drivers are trained in the best practices for driving in the desert without harming the natural environment, and visitors are encouraged to maintain the cleanliness of the desert and avoid leaving any traces of pollution.

Where are desert safaris organized?

Desert safaris in Dubai are typically organized in several areas known for their expansive dunes and scenic natural landscapes. Key areas include:

  1. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Famous for safari trips, offering a chance to explore wildlife and desert flora, along with various activities like dune bashing and camel riding.
  2. Al Awir and Al Lahbab: Preferred destinations for thrill-seekers with their famous red sand dunes, ideal for dune bashing.
  3. Margham: Known for its pristine and quiet desert nature, perfect for those seeking a more serene and relaxing safari experience.
  4. Hatta: Located near the Oman border, offering diverse terrains including mountains and valleys alongside the desert.
  5. Al Qudra: A popular spot for biking and desert sports enthusiasts, known for its challenging dunes.

Pricing for Desert Safaris in Dubai

Prices for desert safaris in Dubai vary based on the level of luxury, duration of the trip, included activities, and provided services. Generally, you can expect:

  • Standard trips: Typically priced between 150 to 300 AED per person, including dune bashing, dinner, and entertainment such as belly dancing, sometimes including camel rides or sandboarding.
  • Private or luxury safaris: These can be more costly, ranging from 400 to 1000 AED per person or more, depending on the level of privacy and customization. These trips may include private transport, personal guides, gourmet dining experiences, or overnight stays in the desert.
  • Overnight safaris and desert stay: These usually cost between 500 to over 1200 AED per person, featuring stays in traditionally equipped tents with modern comforts, alongside nighttime activities like stargazing and traditional performances.

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