Antalya Attracts More Than 6 Million Tourists Since the Beginning of 2021

Antalya is still attracting foreign tourists in huge numbers to spend their summer holidays among its charming natural landmarks while maintaining health measures against the COVID-19.

Antalya Hosts More Than 6 Million Tourists Since Early 2021

According to a statement by the Antalya Tourism Directorate, tourism in Antalya has witnessed a high demand during the first nine months of the year that the number of visitors to enjoy Antalya's landscape and leisure activities has hit 6.410.439 since the beginning of this year.

The statement issued by Antalya state added that the proportion of tourists doubled during 2021 by 202% compared to the same stage of the last year.

In addition, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya hit 445,970 in just 13 days this September.

السياحة في انطاليا

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