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“HES KODU” A Password for Every Tourist in Turkey

There is no doubt that the preventive measures taken by the Turkish government in combating the Coronavirus have imposed some conditions that must be followed, before carrying out some social or tourist activities, and one of the most important of these conditions is obtaining the health code, which aims to ensure health safety and freedom and see if the person is free from being infected with the Coronavirus.

What is the HES KODU code in Turkey?

What is the HES Code in Turkey?

The health code in Turkey is a code that can be obtained by the Hayat Eve Sığar application or through other means, we will mention it later in other parts of this article. The HES code allows you to participate in all social and marketing activities and travel between Turkish states.

After the law came into effect, it is not permitted to enter shopping centers or obtain a travel ticket by land or air without presenting the health code in Turkey.

How to get HES KODU code in Turkey?

How to get the HES code in Turkey?

The health code can be received via the Hayat Eve Sığar application that can be downloaded through the Google Play application via the mobile phone, or you can obtain it by sending an SMS to the short number 2023, or through the electronic portal known as the e-devlet.

Thus, you can learn how to get the health code, through a text message over the phone, as follows:

The word HES is written in the Turkish language, and after leaving a space, we write sequentially each of the ID number and the last 4 digits of the ID serial number, then determining the days that you will use this code, and then you send an SMS including this information to the number 2023.

As for persons with a Blue Card number or an ID number that starts with 97, 98, 99; They can get the code by typing the word HES and leaving a space after it, then typing the card number and year of birth, and after determining the number of days that you will use this code, you send an SMS with the information to the number 2023.

The health code can also be obtained through passport information, and this is for people who do not have any kind of residency, as you get the code by typing HES, leaving space, and then continuing by writing the nationality from which you are descending, and the serial number of the passport, then You write the year of birth and the surname in sequence, and then send an SMS containing this information to the number 2023.

As for the e-government portal, the health code can be obtained very easily, by typing create HES code in the portal’s search engine, and displaying the details that appear after that, where the page that shows you the code can be downloaded and printed, to show it in the places designated for it.

How to use the health code in Turkey?

How to use the health code in Turkey?

After getting the health code, you can do all the shopping work, and go to various malls in Turkey. The health code is also required for airline reservations, tickets during tourism in Turkey, and transfers between Turkish states.


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