All you need to know about the Maldives

All you need to know about the Maldives
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Information on the Maldives

The Maldives is 1200 small atolls around each other in the form of groups or atolls, collected in a doubling group of 26 atolls.

Having pristine beaches, maritime wonders and luxury resorts, the Maldives is today a global diving destination because of its scenic islands and blue crystal waters and rich variety of marine life.

The Maldives is the most popular destination for honeymoon tourists in the Earth's paradise, through health resorts overlooking white sandy beaches, offering a charming atmosphere full of nature's beauty, gorgeous days embroidered with calm, relaxation and a magnificent tropical climate, with real beauty for colorful buildings, museums, mosques and restaurants.

معلومات عن جزر المالديف

Where is the Maldives located?

The Maldives is located south of the Indian subcontinent, and southwest of Sri Lanka. It is one of the smallest countries in Asia, the Pacific Ocean in terms of geographical area, with Malé as its capital, and is home to one-third of the population. The population of the State of the Maldives in 2019 was 530,953, spread over some 188 islands.

For religion in the Maldives, 98.6% of the population of the Maldives follow Islam, 0.6% of the population follow Buddhism, 0.5% follow Christianity, and 0.3% are Hindu.

Popular food in the Maldives

We're going to show you the most famous foods that remain in the mind of tourists from the memory of Maldivian cuisine:

1. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls is one of the most popular eateries in the Maldives, consisting of light chips stuffed with eggs and onions, cooked on a quiet fire to become fragile at the taste. This is one of the most prominent breakfast meals in the Maldives, where it is a light and nutritious pastry and is more popular in the morning.

الاكلات الشعبية في جزر المالديف

2. Fish Soup

Maldivian fish soup consists of tuna cubes, where the fish is cooked with pieces of onion added curry, garlic, chili, and lemon that give it a delicious flavor and taste.

اكلات شعبية في جزر المالديف

3. Bondibai Saagu Maldivian pudding

It is one of the most popular desserts in the Maldives, which is still frequently served, consisting of coconut milk mixed with tropical fruit flowers and fat milk cream.

الطعام في جزر المالديف

4. Buffet Restaurants

Some resorts offer buffet breakfast and dinner, with various dishes suited to all tastes such as Italian, Asian, Indian, and Maldivian food.

Some limited resorts also have selective restaurants that allow tourists to choose the method of cooking, and the type of meals usually followed by additional financial charges.

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Most important tourist islands in the Maldives

1. Malé Island

The capital of the Maldives, the island has approximately 134,000 inhabitants in an area of about 5.8 square kilometers (about 2.2 square miles) and is, therefore, one of the world's busiest areas.

After landing at Malé airport, tourists are set off to their places of residence in tourist resorts by water plane or fast yacht. Ferries sail every minute between the airport island and the capital. Close to the dock is the Islamic Centre and the mosque of Sultan Muhammad Thakuruvano Al Azam. It is also known for its archaeological and historical areas and is, therefore, a major destination for tourists wishing to visit the Maldives.

The island of Malé also contains the uniquely designed Great Friday Mosque, the largest mosque in the Maldives, which was founded in 1658 using coral stones and is also surrounded by coral stone.

There is also Sultan Park, filled with dense trees and colorful flowers, and the National Museum, constructed in 1952, has a valuable collection of artifacts and historical exhibits representing the cultural and cultural history of the Maldives, as well as a large collection of pre-Islamic manuscripts and stones.

Not to mention, the island is filled with many activities, such as swimming in the industrial beach stretching from the ocean, having lunch on the sea, enjoying diving and underwater biking, and taking jumping trips on nearby islands.

اجمل الجزر في المالديف

The city remains late at night, the islanders love nightlife, restaurants and cafes are everywhere, and there are no bars on the island; Because alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Malé Island, Maldives strictly adheres to the teachings of Islam, and alcoholic beverages are found in Malé capital only on airport island Holholi.

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2. Maafushi Island

The island is 27km away from Malé. It is a favorite tourist destination for Arabs and foreigners. It is one of the few islands to offer cheap accommodation including many guest houses suitable for people with small budgets, and there are many tourist hotels, and access to the island is through a ferry service from Mali or from the international airport of the Maldives.

Souvenir shops, and a number of distinctive restaurants offering the most delicious meals, are also common on the island.

اهم الجزر السياحية في المالديف

3. Vaavu Atoll

The island spans 30 km and is 27 km wide in the Indian Ocean, where its population is approximately 5,000, dependent on tourism and fishing for their livelihoods.

The island has many recreational activities from swimming, water biking and enjoying the charming nature of the island, but the only place of residence on the island is a 4-star hotel consisting of wooden cabins all over the island where you can camp wild in the heart of scenic nature.

We recommend you travel to this island from December to April each year, where climates and sunshine extend for eight hours a day.

اجمل جزر المالديف

4. Baa Atoll Island

Spanning 1,200 square kilometers of clear water and comprising 75 islands, 13 of which are populated, it has achieved a unique balance between man, nature conservation and culture.

Its features:

  • Home to world-known manta
  • One of the richest coral reef systems on Earth
  • It has a number of luxury hotels and resorts.
  • A variety of high-end restaurants like Benjarong Restaurant - The Borderless Dining Restaurant - The Shoreline Grill Restaurant
اجمل الاماكن السياحية في جزر المالديف

5. Lhaviyani Atoll Island

There are luxurious tourist resorts, built on the surface of the water with scenic beaches, clear water, and soft sand, and there are many plants and trees on the island that give the visitor an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in the arms of nature.

There are many activities available in Laviani such as safari, diving, fish watching and coral reefs, and there are entertaining spaces for children.

الشواطئ المضيئة جزر المالديف ليلا

Common questions about the Maldives

Velana International Airport (IATA: MLE, ICAO: VRMM) is also known as Male International Airport.
Malé is the capital of the Maldives, and lives on the island, with approximately 134,000 inhabitants in an area of about 5.8 square kilometers (about 2.2 square miles). The capital of the Maldives is therefore one of the world's most populous regions.
It consists of 1,200 small atolls around each other in the form of groups or atolls, collected in a doubling series of 26 atolls, spanning 130 km from east to west.

We recommend you travel to the southernmost atolls from December to April each year, where climates and sunshine extend for eight hours a day.

From May to November, it's a great opportunity to visit most of the islands, enjoy wonderful water activities and dive to watch life on coral reefs.

Temperatures generally range throughout the year from 22 ° C to 33 ° C, with the Maldives having a warm sunny and tropical climate throughout the year, with opportunities for rainfall from May to September.

We note that tourists follow the climatic conditions of the islands that they plan to visit to see the harsh weather conditions, as the Indian Ocean hurricanes may reach the Maldives, so warnings should be followed.

The population of the Maldives in 2019 is 530,953, spread over 188 islands.

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