All you Need to Know about Turkey

All you Need to Know about Turkey

In this detailed article, you can find information about Turkey that is of interest to the investor, resident, and newcomer, and sheds light on various walks of life and the most important information about Turkey, its cities, its economy, and its renaissance.


Map of Turkey in English

Turkey, officially known as The Turkish Republic and is located in the Middle East.  Bordered on the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, on the east by Armenia and Iran, on the south by Iraq, Syria, and the Mediterranean Sea. By sea, it has borders with Cyprus, and on the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece, and Bulgaria. Turkey also is a member of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, and the map below follows information about the Republic of Turkey, which we simplify for you with figures, statistics, and facts.


Facts and figures about Turkey

The official name of the country

Turkish Republic



System of the government

Presidential system


80.8 million people (2017)

The average age of the population

31.7 (2017)

Official Language



Recep Tayyip Erdogan


783,562 km²

Time zone

GMT + 2

Neighboring countries

Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia

Major cities (by population)

Istanbul (15 million), Ankara (5.4 million), Izmir (4.3 million), Bursa (2.9 million), Antalya (2.4 million) (2017)


Moderate; Hot, dry summers, mild, wet winters

Phone code (unlock line)


The top range in internet code




Financial Center



$ 851 billion (2017 at Current Prices)

Per capita share of GDP

$ 10.597 (2017)

Export value

$ 157 billion (2017)

Import value

$ 234 billion (2017)

Tourism revenue

$ 26.3 billion (2017)

Numbers of tourists

32.1 million tourists (2017)

Foreign direct investments

$ 10.9 billion (2017)

Number of companies with foreign capital

58,418 (2017)

Inflation rate

11.9% (CPI 2017 Consumer Price Index)


In the following headings, we pursue a more in-depth review journey for information about Turkey, so keep reading it with us!

Transportation in Turkey

Turkey's transportation system makes good use of the country's highly developed infrastructure. Since there are more than 56 airports throughout the country, one can fly from one city to another in Turkey in less than an hour in most cases. The dual road network and extensive highways have facilitated the movement from your home to any major city in Turkey.

Transportation in Turkey

Meanwhile, the high-speed train network has improved rapidly in the past decade. It is expected that the 14 largest cities in Turkey will be connected to high-speed train lines by the year 2023, which marks the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

Geography of Turkey

Turkey is located in the eastern Mediterranean region, and it is surrounded on three sides by the temperate seas, and it has a diverse climate, so it is possible to go skiing in a mountain resort, after spending a sunbath on the beach, during the hours of the same day !!

Health care in Turkey

The healthcare system in Turkey mainly deals with three different types of hospitals: governmental, university, and private. While social and health insurance is normally subject to the state, it is also possible to obtain private health insurance at preferential rates.

Most hospitals in Turkey, whether governmental or private, meet international standards in the quality of equipment, facilities, and expertise, and may even surpass them.

Cultural events in Turkey

Individual and group cultural activities capture the interest of the individual in Turkey, and countless options are available such as arts, hobbies, entertainment, and other leisure activities. One can find in all major cities major shopping malls such as Mall of Istanbul, cinemas, theaters, concerts, ballets, operas, and other types of cultural activities that await either the participants or spectators. Besides, the popularity of local festivals and traditional forms of entertainment and marketing activities is also increasing.

Cultural events in Turkey

Sports in Turkey

The rich geography and favorable terrain have made Turkey an ideal place for practicing alternative sports such as climbing, golf, diving, canoeing, skiing, and yachting. Of course, popular sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball are unrivaled by a large number of players and fans across the country.


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