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Istanbul Antalya

The best places in Turkey for families

6 Unforgettable Happy Days In Trabzon, Turkey

An economic tourist program in Trabzon that includes a visit to the charming Uzungol Lake, then heading to the Hıdırnebi Plateau, then visiting the city of Ayder and the famous Hagia Sophia

Tourist programs

6 Days in Antalya, Turkey

A program that includes accommodation, transportation, breakfast, and entertainment in Antalya, the pearl of Turkey. Save and enjoy a 6-day holiday that you will never forget in and around Antalya, you and your loved ones.

Tourist programs

Trabzon Uzungol 5 days 4 nights

An extensive program for a special tour that includes the most prominent landmarks of Trabzon, such as Uzungol Heights and Lake, Ayder Plateau, and Waterfalls.

Tourist programs

Kibyra Ancient City in Turkey

Learn about The ancient city of gladiators Kibyra in Turkey. where it is located and how to get there? Read more on Safaraq.


Best 10 Places for Children in Istanbul

Learn about the best tourist places suitable for children in Istanbul to have a time full of entertainment and learning. Read more on Safaraq website.


Top 8 Places in Turkey for Families: Tourist Places in Turkey

Learn about the best tourist places in Turkey for families. you will get an unforgettable vacation with your family in Turkey. Read more on Safaraq website.


Tourism in Rize – Turkey

Learn about the most beautiful tourist places in Rize and what are the recommended hotels to stay in when you visit, what is the temperature in Rize and when is the best time to visit it.


Tourism Recovery in Turkey

According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of tourists visiting Turkey has reached 17 million tourists since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic till February 2021.

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