Tourism in Bolu City in Turkey

Tourism in Bolu City in Turkey
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Tourism in Bolu City in Turkey

Bolu is a rare place where god has bestowed a natural beauty that you think is a heaven on earth. It has a mixture of all-natural species; plants and animals. It is famous for its forests, full of lakes, rivers, charming beaches with stunning views of the Black Sea, and hot-water springs on mountain slopes. Not to mention, Bolu has varied tourist activities in a green and peaceful city, which is cool in summer and snowy in winter, making it one of Turkey’s most prominent tourist places.

Tourist Places in Bolu City in Turkey

Seven Lakes (National Park)

Seven Lakes (National Park) is one of Bolu’s most charming tourist places, attracting visitors and tourists and combining all fascinating vivid colors in one place. It comprises seven lakes, the largest of which is Buyuk Gol, a 24.895 m² area; however, Deringol Lake is considered the deepest one, 20 meters deep.

The National Park offers visitors and tourists the opportunity for meditation in the arms of nature, hiking, walking in special tracks, and enjoying the cool fresh breeze. Not to mention, it has a wide variety of places for eating and camping, making it an ideal place for camping lovers from all around the world, mainly in autumn when forests dress in charming vivid colors.

السياحة في بولو

Golcuk Lake (Glocuk Nature Park)

Golcuk Lake is 13 km from Bolu city, a destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists as it has featured natural beauty, fresh air, and spaces for doing various family activities. The lake’s surrounding has a wide variety of game zones like the miniature golf court and free game zones for children. In addition, visitors can bring their inflatable boats to have an enjoyable tour in the lake. Not to mention, you can have your plans for camping and enjoying barbecues in the arms of charming natural beauty.

المعالم السياحية في بولو تركيا

Abant Lake

Abant Lake is 32 km from Bolu city center and 280 km from Istanbul. It is 325 meters above sea level, surrounded by pine and fir trees, making it a destination for tourists who love camping and barbecues. There are two hotels nearby with direct views of the lake, having the best restaurants that serve the most delicious Turkish dishes.

الاماكن السياحية في بولو تركيا

Samandere Waterfall

Samandere waterfall is one of Turkey’s most famous waterfalls. The waterfall’s area is 11.836 square feet. It is a destination for tourists who enjoy watching water flowing over rocks and the surrounding trees. It is worth noting that the waterfall has bridges and pathways that enable visitors to approach every spot and enjoy taking photo ops with family and friends.

In addition, the waterfall’s surrounding area is equipped with seating facilities for tourists to enjoy having food in the arms of charm and nature.

المناطق السياحية في بولو

Bolu Museum 

Bolu Museum is one of the city’s most prominent tourist monuments. It is a destination for tourists to enjoy watching ruins that date back to various ages, such as the Modern Stone, Bronze, Hellenistic, Roman, Islamic Ottoman, and Seljuk periods.

The museum’s stakeholders have focused since its foundation in 1975 AD on renewing it and providing historical artifacts such as traditional costumes, agricultural tools, jewelry, keys, religious artifacts, and weapons.

الاماكن الاثرية في مدينة بولو تركيا

Winter Tourism in Bolu

Due to Bolu’s mild temperature and its featured humid climate most of the year, it has become a destination for tourists, mainly Kartalkaya, 40 km from Bolu’s city center, one of Turkey’s most famous skiing spots. It is worth noting that Abant Lake turns into ice in winter, making it an attraction for tourists, mainly those who love ice skating.

Kartalkaya Resort

Kartalkaya Resort is a destination for thousands of tourists searching for skiing, skating, and enjoying snow every year, making it an Alp-like spot. It is ideal for family and friends who like winter activities such as playing with snow, making snowmen, riding in the cable car, and taking photo ops.

السياحة الشتوية في بولو

FAQs about Bolu

  • Abant Palace Hotel
  • Abant Lotus
  • Gazelle Resort & Spa

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  • Buyuk Abant Hotel
  • Hampton by Hilton Bolu

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Bolu is 262 km from Istanbul and 192 km from Ankara.


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