The best hotels in Istanbul

Honeymoon Tourist Destinations in Turkey

Learn about the best tourist destinations for a honeymoon in Turkey, the most important places to spend a honeymoon in Turkey, and the costs of a honeymoon. The best tourism programs for honeymoons in Turkey.


Cevahir Istanbul Mall

Cevahir Mall is located in the Sisli area in the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the best malls of Istanbul


Your Guide for Top Hotel of Taksim 2021

Learn about the most important recommended hotels in Istanbul and the Taksim, evaluation of hotels, location, how far away from the airport, and a lot more on Safaraq.


The Most Prominent Hotels in Sultan Ahmed, Istanbul

Here is a list of Istanbul’s most prominent hotels in Sultan Ahmed district


The Best Hotels in Uskudar, Istanbul

What are Uskudar’s best hotels with views of the Bosphorus? Get the best hotel and tourism offers with Safaraq Tourism.


The Most Prominent Hotels of Fatih

Explore Fatih’s best hotels and get the best offers from Safaraq Tourism.

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