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Istanbul Antalya

tourism in the Turkish city of Mugla

Tourism in Mugla

Learn about Mugla city in Turkey, and where is it located? how can you go there? and What are the most important tourist places? learn more on Safaraq website.


Pirate ships in Bodrum, Turkey, capture the hearts of tourists

The phenomenon of pirate ships has begun to spread in the Turkish coast of Mugla in recent years, due to the desire of tourists to add an adventurous spirit to their tours.


Tourism in Milas, Turkey

Learn about the most beautiful tourist places in Milas, where are they located? how to reach them? how is the weather in it and what is the most appropriate time to visit?


Safe Holidays for Tourists in Turkey with Corona Measures

Safe holidays await tourists this year in Turkey, as representatives of the Turkish tourism sector have completed the necessary preparations to receive tourists this year.


Mugla Receives 2.7 Million Tourists in Nine Months

Mugla, famous for its prominent tourist sites, has received about 2.7 tourists during the past nine months of this year. Let's find out the details.


Is Tourism Safe in Turkey? How to Be Safe?

Turkey is a very attractive country for tourists from all over the world. However, personal safety comes first when the political situation is not stable around the globe. We will try to answer the question: is tourism safe in Turkey now?

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