Pirate ships in Bodrum, Turkey, capture the hearts of tourists

Pirate ships in Bodrum, Turkey, capture the hearts of tourists

Pirate Ships in Bodrum Snatch Tourists' Hearts

Bodrum ports are experiencing widespread pirate cruise ships, offering customers tours of the charming Aegean islands and coasts.

The phenomenon of pirate ships has begun to spread off the Turkish coast of Mugla in recent years, giving tourists a spirit of adventure on their tours.

Tourist numbers rose, and Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon praised the high and continuing turnout of tourists from Britain, Germany, Poland and Russia, saying: "We hope that occupancy at the peak of the season will reach 100%."

Pirate ships in Bodrum

Local and foreign tourists are keen to make daily cruises on ships, particularly pirate ships.

Anver Kartermis, a pirate cruise ship owner, expressed optimism about a good tourist season.

He said, 'the largest number of tourists was from Russia. The Russians love Bodrum, and we organize a tour from sulphuric waters on land to the coasts of Boyraz, Kizilburun, and Dalgic.

"We organize night tours in the moonlight, saying: this type of tour is favoured by Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Bulgarian tourists," added Anver.

He added: "All bookings are full, the special design of our ship has impressed many, and the pirate ship model has begun to spread in the region, and we believe we have begun to spread this idea."

"We believe that tourists find it more comfortable to spend their tours onboard the pirate ship, given its large size compared to other small cruise ships," he said, noting that his ship employs 24 workers, who travel four different coasts on Mugla during the day.

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Bodrum is one of Mugla's most popular tourist destinations, along with Marmaris, Fethiye, Datca, Dalyan, and Akyaka, thanks to the city's clean coastlines, stunning nature and robust infrastructure from hotels and other tourist services.

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