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Istanbul Antalya

Tourist attractions in Turkey

6 Unforgettable Happy Days In Trabzon, Turkey

An economic tourist program in Trabzon that includes a visit to the charming Uzungol Lake, then heading to the Hıdırnebi Plateau, then visiting the city of Ayder and the famous Hagia Sophia

Tourist programs

Trabzon Uzungol 5 days 4 nights

An extensive program for a special tour that includes the most prominent landmarks of Trabzon, such as Uzungol Heights and Lake, Ayder Plateau, and Waterfalls.

Tourist programs

Top 17 Quiet Turkish Cities

In Turkish cities, places of recreation vary, from a quiet place to a noisy place, and here we are looking for the quietest cities in Turkey, for each looking for a nice and quiet tourism. Learn about the cities of Turkey on your tourist travel site.


Uzungol: A Charming Lake in Trabzon

Learn about Tourism in Uzungol, location and how to go there? the best activities in Uzungol. Read more on Safaraq.


Kibyra Ancient City in Turkey

Learn about The ancient city of gladiators Kibyra in Turkey. where it is located and how to get there? Read more on Safaraq.


Information on the Karaca Cave in Trabzon and its Location

Learn about Karaca Cave, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, and it is also one of the 40 most beautiful caves in the world. Read more on Safaraq website.


Top 12 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Fethiye

the most beautiful tourist areas in Fethiye city in Turkey, where the sea and the mountain embrace, and the sea stole the blue of the sky.


The Number of Tourists Arriving in Cappadocia Increased by 85%

Cappadocia Turkey has become today one of the largest centers of tourist attraction in Turkey, after the cities of Istanbul and Antalya, and tourism investments in it amounted to more than 50 million dollars.

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