Information on the Karaca Cave in Trabzon and its Location

Information on the Karaca Cave in Trabzon and its Location
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Away from the hustle and bustle of cities amidst nature and tranquillity, the Karaca Cave in Trabzon ranked first on the throne of the most visited tourist places, a destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Tourists considering visiting Turkey should not miss the opportunity to take some photo ops of the city, one of the most beautiful natural paintings in the world.

Trabzon features many attractions, and in the next few lines, we will talk about one of them, which you can consider visiting when you are in Trabzon. It is Karaca Cave, one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Trabzon, Turkey.

Information on the Karaca Cave in Trabzon

The cave’s entrance rises about 1.8 m and increases as you enter more to be like a funnel. The distance between the gate and the end is about 105 m, and the average height is 18 m. It will attract you to stay for more time as you meditate.

مغارة كاراجا

Where is Karaca Cave Located?

The Karaca Cave is a group of caves connected, located in Cebeli Village, and has gained fame for its beautiful location and fresh air.

The cave’s area is approximately 1500 m² and rises 1550 m above sea level in Trabzon. It is known for its magnificent natural formation, formed by the erosion of the limestone rocks, resulting in the stalagmites and stalagmites. Karaca Cave’s location on Google Maps:

How Far is Karaca Cave from Trabzon?

Karaca Cave is about 96 km away from Trabzon.

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Way to Karaca Cave

Karaca Cave features the most beautiful coloured stone, and you can find the way to Karaca Cave using Google Maps. The cave has water ponds; some are very large, especially at the end of the cave, which may reach up to one meter. It is one of the most beautiful caves globally, even if it is not the largest.


The Discovery of Karaca Cave in Trabzon

Karaca Cave was discovered in 1960 and opened to tourists in 1996 due to scientific research by a geologist from Cebeli, Sukru Erez, between 1983 and 1990. Dr Ramzi Dilek contributed to research and scientific studies with his team from Karadeniz University, Biological Engineering Department. As a result, it was opened for tourism after the cave was officially registered with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

You will find beautiful wooden corridors equipped with enough lighting for tourists to see all over it in the cave.

There are no air courses in the cave, but it has great moisture due to water leaking from its roof, so the cave is cold in summer and warm in winter!

So, you would better choose the right clothing when visiting it depending on the season.

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السياحة في طرابزون

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The Importance of Tourism to the Karaca Cave

Karaca Cave is a destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world and Arabs in particular, thanks to its breath-taking natural beauty and distinctive location. Inside the cave, there are several cafés, and many hotels are scattered near the cave.


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