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dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

The tour starts at 09:30 am
The tour ends at 06:00
The tour is daily with a tourist group
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A journey into the depths to discover the diverse marine creatures

A zoo housing over 33,000 species of strange deep-sea dwellers

Inside this ten-million-liter crystal aquarium lies a miniature world of the underwater kingdom

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Tourist guide
Tourist guide
A follow-up team 24/7
A follow-up team 24/7
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Fee for boarding a ship
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Beneath the Crystal Colosseum

Some marvels defy the shackles of imagination, existing not only in the realm of fancy but also defying the pronouncements of practicality. Dubai, ever the iconoclast, shatters such limitations. One such spectacle is the Dubai Mall's leviathan of the deep, a realm christened simply the "Aquarium."

Don't be misled by the unassuming moniker. This is no quaint fishbowl, but a leviathan of lucidity - the world's largest suspended acrylic edifice, stretching from the earthen plane of the mall's heart to the third tier. It houses a menagerie of over 33,000 exotic denizens of the deep, a spectacle that will leave you rooted in astonished awe.

Descend into a sapphire expanse teeming with life. Witness the leviathan of the Nile, a colossal crocodile seasoned by four decades, its scaled bulk tipping the scales at a staggering 750 kilograms. Glide alongside schools of pelagic nomads, piranhas with gnashing smiles, penguins in tuxedoed grace, and a symphony of reptilian wonders - from serpentine coils to the glint of reptilian eyes. Here, within this ten-million-liter crystal colosseum, lies a microcosm of the underwater realm, a tapestry woven with beauty, serenity, and the captivating enigma of the depths.

Our odyssey doesn't end at the water's edge. Delve into the acrylic tunnel, a panoramic vista of aquatic ballet. Explore the clandestine realm of the Underwater Zoo. Embark on a behind-the-scenes escapade, or peer into the watery world from an underwater observatory. For the truly intrepid, a submersible simulator awaits, whisking you away on a virtual voyage with dugongs, whale sharks, and a kaleidoscope of subaquatic marvels.

Unwind in the Big Screen Theatre, a cinematic testament to the dedication of the Aquarium's stewards, who daily care for over 3,000 visitors. Or, perhaps, a glass-bottomed boat beckons, offering a vertiginous glimpse of the aquatic multitudes swirling beneath your very feet.

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