Ayder’s most Beautiful Bungalows for a Pleasant Trip

Ayder’s most Beautiful Bungalows for a Pleasant Trip
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On the slopes of the Kasar Mountains overlooking the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey, Ayder, the Turkish Alpine village of Rize state, is located approximately 162 km from Trabzon.

Its tourist-attracting houses, buildings and bungalows are scattered on the foothills of these snow-covered mountains covered with green forests like a mind-blowing painting.

What are Ayder’s Best Bungalows?

Previously in Ayder, there were only a few bungalows that tourists raced in the summer period to book, but then - due to the tourist turnout – Ayder bungalows became available in numbers that could accommodate visitors.

The bungalows are spread over many locations, some of which were established in Ayder, in the vital part of its reserve, and others are located on the road along the sides of the Ayder River.

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  • Ayder Gencal

Although the location of the bungalow is a little away from services, this does not prevent it from being one of the most beautiful bungalows in Ayder overlooking nature and the waterfall.

Consisting of five bungalows, four of which are 75 metres in size, divided into two rooms, a lounge, three rooms and a lounge, the fifth is a luxurious four-room villa and a 250-square-metre lounge, which means it is spacious and comfortable, as well as furnished with new furniture.

With a direct view of the river, and a large balcony for all rooms, suitable for even large families, the villa has full clean and equipped facilities, even the heating wood is available daily.

  • Ayder Cise Dag Evleri Bungalows

Nearby restaurants and surrounding services, a set of bungalows with a parking garage, and an open restaurant overlooking the waterfall, consisting of a room and lounge, or two rooms and a lounge, the bungalows are located halfway on a high hill close to services, giving them a beautiful natural view of the green square of the Ayder plains and waterfalls.

The bungalows are accompanied by a range of large wooden hammocks and quiet shaded seats.

The huts were admired by former visitors, and they mentioned their features and delicious variety of breakfast.

Ayder Selale Dag Evleri

For those who love to relax, enjoy the nature of the view and the prolific river, and spend comfortable times away from the noise and bustle of the cities, The Ayder Selale Dag Evleri is one of the best places to offer you these features in Ayder.

Located in the middle of the forest close to the river and the waterfall from which it took its name, the resort consists of a set of bungalows, some with a 30-metre room and lounge, others with two rooms and a 50-metre lounge. Everyone who visited the place was impressed and decided to repeat the experience.

  • Tanura Bungalows

On the road to Ayder, 17 km from the village, and 125 km away from Trabzon, Tanura Bungalows are located in the Camlihemsin area on the riverbank overlooking the river and tea farms.

It is a quiet and comfortable place amidst the picturesque nature surrounding it, featuring the hospitality of the area's beloved people, bungalow staff prepare to welcome guests with a smile and attention.

The bungalows vary from 50 metres to a room and lounge, to 75 metres, and can accommodate a family of eight.


  • Nani Villa Apart

Located in the Camlihemsin area about 15 km from Ayder, it has a restaurant and café for beautiful evening sessions.

It consists of 24 square metres of river view rooms, 40-square-metre two-room bungalows, a two-room lounge and a 50-square-metre lounge.

It is excellent accommodation and a great experience with very helpful staff.

It is an invitation to experience a delicious breakfast and enjoy the integrated services of air-conditioned huts.

  • Kotit Ayder Bungalows

About 5 km from the Ayder centre, with balconies overlooking the tranquil nature, and a charming location close to shops serving tourists and guests, the Huts (Rize Ayder Kotit) offer barbecue facilities, a good restaurant, and public services.

It consists of a group of huts, all one-room with a balcony for four people, with an area of 45 square metres.

Bungalows in Ayder overlooking the river

Tourists prefer to stay in mountain bungalows, and some like to go down close to the river or streams and souks. These include:

  • Kiyi Bungalow

A few bungalows located 40 km from Rize and 20 km from Ayder, the property has a great view of the clear lake and green garden.

It has a restaurant and a public lounge and offers free internet access and a car garage.

The bungalow has all amenities and the needs of the family for a comfortable and well-off stay.

The property also has a children's playground, and bike and car rental services.

  • Hosdere

9.5 miles from the city centre, these bungalows are located on the bank of the fresh river in the charming Camlihemsin area. Beautifully designed from the outside and inside, these bungalows accommodate a small family (at most 3 people) suitable for a pleasant and happy holiday, which meets the aspirations of tourists, leaving them with an unforgettable impact and impression.

  • Aden River Ayder Bungalows

Bungalows with views of the river and the beautiful garden directly, divided into two rooms and a 72-metre lounge, can accommodate up to six people.

Located in Camlihemsin, Aden River Bungalows feature high-end tourism services such as air-conditioned rooms, free Internet and private parking.

Fishing lovers can enjoy a unique river fishing experience in the plains of the charming area.

Bungalows in Ayder Overlooking the Mountains

For tranquil nature and mountains lovers, there are huts in the Ayder region characterized by the beauty of their location, and tranquil surroundings, including:

  • Ayder Falls Bungalows

Several wooden bungalows, 1 km from the centre of Ayder and its magnificent heights, and near waterfalls, forests and mountains, consisting of two floors on the crystal riverbank.

The bungalows are divided into one, two or two rooms and the capacity ranges from two to six people.

The bungalow management offers a free breakfast in the restaurant overlooking the waterfall.

  • Kardelen Bungalow Evleri

In the charming Ayder heights, with beautiful design and views of the towering mountains, green forest trees and the river, Kardelen Bungalow Evleri features beautiful wooden interiors, and their guests are greeted with hospitality and generosity.

The huts were divided to suit two people, or at most five adults. Guests can enjoy a meal in the restaurant overlooking the green plain and can take part in various sports activities, such as skiing, badminton rackets, hiking, etc.

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