Rize’s Most Beautiful Bungalows for a Special Trip

Rize’s Most Beautiful Bungalows for a Special Trip


Rize is famous for its tourist-friendly wooden cottages, equipped with all integrated services, a spot in nature for tourists and nature lovers for an unforgettable experience, where you can enjoy stunning views of forests and rivers flowing from its mountains towards the sea.

What are Rize’s Best Cottages?

Open your beautiful cottage window to images of sparkling natural beauty, to find yourself in direct confrontation with rivers running under your feet, or waterfalls descending from the hills and mountains meeting the amazing plains of Rize, dressed in green and studded with the jewels of nature.

Rize's cottages have featured locations, views and quality services, perhaps the most famous of which are those located directly on the river. Here is a list of some:

  1. Nehir Bungalows

In the Camlihemsin area of Rize, specifically on the banks of the flowing river, a collection of Rize's most beautiful wooden cottages, with the most natural views, touching the river's flowing next to it.

The river’s water roars playing a natural musical song, integrated with the sounds of birds and leaves of trees, forming a natural painting for a distinctly rural stay.


There are many options for cottage services including breakfast, parking and many features.

  1. Megza Bungalows

With 10 cottages directly on the river, one of Rize’s best cottages for well-being, the cottages have royal suites, traditional heating, a jacuzzi, and spacious family suites.

Megza Cottages are 22 km from Ayder Village and 120 km away from Trabzon Airport.

The cottages have views of the river, the resort's management offers a special breakfast, and the cottage garden features barbecue areas and parking.

  1. Liva Bungalows

With a charming view of nature from the top of the mountain, Liva Cottages offers the most beautiful view, with a capacity of 2 or 3 people per cottage, and other huts overlooking a glass platform on nature on each side.

The breath-taking view of nature from within the cottage or balcony, with a delicious free breakfast, offers a unique example of an unforgettable stay.

These huts are 150 km from Trabzon city centre, 16 km from Ayder village, and 25 km from Camlihemsin.

  1. Tanura Bungalows

Tanura Cottages are located 125 km from Trabzon, on the road to Ayder Village, adjacent to the river.

These duplex-style cottages accommodate 4 adults and serve free breakfast.

  1. Foga Bungalows

One of the best cottages in Rize, located right next to the river, 46 km from Rize city centre.

The huts have duplex options, with medium family space.

The cottage services include cleaning and reception as well as breakfast, and parking.

  1. Dream River Wooden Bungalows

Dream River Cottages in Rize are located right on the river, 135 km from Trabzon, and just 17 km from the tourist village of Ayder.

These huts are one of the most famous tourist huts in the region because of their luxury and are even a symbol of the tourist huts located in northern Turkey and within the Rize region.

Each two-storey cottage has a separate garden, especially for each hut, with a capacity of 4 people per cottage, and the huts offer free breakfast.

  1. Tas Mahal Bungalows

In an attractive natural location about 42 km from Rize, and about 115 km from Trabzon city centre, Tas Mahal's beautiful huts are located.

This resort consists of only two cottages, but features a private terrace for each separate hut, with a jacuzzi, as well as the usual breakfast service and private parking next to the huts.

  1. Maca Wooden Bungalows

Located in a relatively high place on the mountain, the Maca Bungalows overlook a beautiful natural image, approximately 45 km from Rize city centre.

Arab tourists prefer the views of these beautiful bungalows, bringing several tourists to the area.

Each cottage can accommodate two people, the cottage has a living and sleeping room, and the service includes a wonderful traditional free breakfast.

  1. Riza Bungalows Directly Overlooking the River

Next to the beautiful rivers of Rize, you can get many attractive tourist options, amidst breath-taking beauty that allows you to experience the exceptional stay and recuperation of one of its magnificent huts in form and content.

Average Booking Rates for Bungalows in Rize Turkey

Rental rates for Rize wooden huts are diverse depending on various options, spaces and locations, and many other features that each resort offers.

To find out about booking rates in Rize’s most beautiful bungalows, you can contact our team at Safaraq Tourism.

Book a Bungalow in Rize by Safaraq Tourism

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