The Magnificent Palovit Waterfall in Rize near Trabzon

The Magnificent Palovit Waterfall in Rize near Trabzon

Known as the city of waterfalls with several waterfalls, Rize on the Black Sea coast is waiting for travellers and visitors from inside and outside Turkey to discover it. The state is located in northern Turkey, where rain increases soil fertility.

The Kockabani area of the Camlihemsin district is one of the most important destinations for tourists in Rize, with small waterfalls such as Gilonutu and Palovit in the Camlihemsin Valley.

One of the beautiful views of the area is the rainbow on sunny days formed by raindrops from the Palovit Waterfall, as the area attracts photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Where is Palovit Waterfall Located?

Descending from Mount Kackar, 15 meters high, Palovit Waterfall is located in the national park of Riza, about 10 km from the city centre of Riza and about 164 km from Trabzon.

What Stand out for Palovit Waterfall in Rize?

Palovit Waterfall is surrounded by some perennial trees, with much aromatic vegetation surrounding the waterfall.

The Palovit Waterfall area is an ideal spot for barbecue, with many barbecue areas in the region.

Palovit Waterfal

Tourist Places Near Palovit Falls in Trabzon and rize

  • Palovit Falls are Rize, adjacent to Trabzon (the capital of tourism in the Black Sea region), the tourist places in that region are very many, including:
  • Uzungol Lake:

    It is one of the most popular areas for tourists, how not? It is a lake with special splendour and a featured charm, surpassing the beauty and splendour of all other lakes.

It is located about 96 km from the city centre of Trabzon. On its sides are the mountain heights covered with a wonderful green carpet where you can rent a bungalow from the magnificent Trabzon huts.

Imagine how beautiful it is to embark on a tourism adventure in Uzungol, when you see the sparkling view of Uzungol Lake in all seasons, especially in winter, when fog covers the mountains and the highlands around it.

  • Seragol Lake:

    It is described as the eye of beauty in the Akcaabat area of Trabzon overlooking the Black Sea, 18 km from Trabzon International Airport and about 12 km from the centre of Trabzon.

The lake is a favourite destination for tourists, and whoever visited it remembers it as an aesthetic painting.

Natural beauty lovers would enjoy tranquillity at Seragol away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Ayder Village:

Ayder village is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey in general, and in the Black Sea region in particular. The village shines with beautiful waterfalls, dense forests, and towering mountains, giving it extra beauty, with many hot water baths with therapeutic properties. 

Ayder has both recreational and therapeutic properties, where you can book a bungalow for recreation in peace and comfort amid the towering green mountains. Tourists can also enjoy canoeing in the river connecting Ayder village to Trabzon.

  • Sultan Murad Highlands:

Sultan Murad Heights is located in the east of Trabzon, 106 km from the city centre. It got its name after Sultan Murad VI passed through it upon his return from Iran, and prayed there on Friday with his army.

Sultan Murad Highlands are close to other tourist areas, they are only 38 km from Uzungol Lake, where tourists can visit these areas without the trouble of travelling and fatigue.

Sultan Murad Highlands form a stunning painting in the summer with views from the highest mountains and above the clouds, while in winter the highlands dress in white.

  • Gelin Tulu Falls Rize

Gelin Tulu Falls is an artistic painting in the heart of green nature, where beauty descends in every direction, from dense forests with pine, oak and others, to towering trees. The waterfall flows from the Ayder Mountains to pour into the Ayder Baths, forming Gelin Tulu Falls, one of the top waterfalls in Turkey.

Its source is not from rainwater or snow, but rather from the sulfuric water that flows from the subsoil of the mountains, which made that water warm and amenable to swimming, tourism and treatment at the same time.

Green mountains of Trabzon

Things to Do Near Palovit Waterfall

You can enjoy bungee jumping between the banks of the river and canoeing, in the heights of Ayder and visiting unique places, tourist and natural attractions, such as mineral baths with sulphur waters.

As for visiting the green city of Rize, (Tea City), the first source of Turkish tea, overlooking the Black Sea, tourists can visit Rize Castle, which is 150 meters above the level of the Black Sea with a panoramic view of the sea, visit the botanic garden or flower garden, as well as visit the popular market in the centre of Rize.

Tourist Trips with Safaraq Tourism: A Visit to Palovit Falls

Safaraq Tourism invites you to join its special trips – lunch, transportation and tour guide included –to visit the beautiful highlands of the Black Sea region, including Palovit Falls, where you can enjoy the charming nature, the beautiful green cover, the views of fog and rain, the green pastures and meadows, the wonderful springs and lakes, and other tourist attractions.

When you search for the Palovit Waterfall, you can find its activities as part of  Safaraq Tourism's comprehensive trips to Trabzon - the bride of the Black Sea - as well as the beautiful green city of Rize.

All you have to do is contact us at Safaraq Tourism through our official websites and numbers, and then choose the optimal program for you among our various programs to meet your desires to enjoy the natural beauty in the Black Sea region.

The Magnificent Palovit Waterfall in Rize

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