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Why is Trabzon a Worldwide Tourist Destination?

Located in north Turkey, with stunning views of the Black Sea, Trabzon is one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities, an attractive spot with vivid tourist places and monuments. It is a destination for tourists from all around the world, where they can enjoy unforgettable moments in the arms of striking natural beauty, fresh air, charming forests, and clean crystal springs.

What is Trabzon’s Top Tourist Trips and Tours?

Trabzon trips are not limited to one destination; there are many trips:

Uzungol Trip

Uzungol is one of Trabzon’s most favourite spots by tourists, who like visiting its charming lake, 90 km from the city centre, which is surrounded by green mountains from all sides. The trip includes a tourist guide, lunch, and transport.

Tourist Trips in Trabzon

What are Trabzon’s Trips Prices?

Tourist program prices in Trabzon vary according to the timetable, period, and places. Tourist trips prices with Safaraq Tourism are competitive, with integrated services and 24-hour guest care.

Why Choose Safaraq Tourism to Organise a Tourist Trip TO Trabzon?

Safaraq Tourism is a tourist expert, offering unparalleled competitive prices and doing our best to organise top tourist trips featuring harmony, perfection, and ease of mind. Safaraq Tourism shares all details about hotels with guests, provides airport shuttle services from and to the airport and tourist tours in the whole area. Tourist requirements are on top of our priorities, offering relaxation and fun for all family members, considering all safety and easing factors.


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