Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Egyptian Market in Istanbul
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Find out about the fun of shopping in the Egyptian market, one of Istanbul's most famous historical markets with Safaraq Tourism.

A Brief History of the Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Where the Egyptian market is located in Istanbul today, there was a market called Marco Annulus during the Byzantine period, where some basic needs were sold at the time.

Egyptian market in Istanbul was transformed in 1660 into part of the new mosque, which is located at a point very close to the market at the moment. It was built by architect Kazem Agha, ordered by the mother of Ottoman Sultan Mohammed V, Khadija Turhan.

The market was built with exquisite urban architecture in the form of a roofed ceiling, and many of the architectural styles prevailing at the time were mixed, and the costs of building this market were collected from taxes collected in Egypt.

The purpose of establishing this market at that time was to save the costs and expenses for the new mosque adjacent to the market.

The Egyptian market was initially known as the New Market, taken from the mosque next door, where some spices imported from India, such as coffee, herbs, perfumes and food, were sold.

The market’s old name was changed in the 18th century to the Egyptian market in Istanbul, and it was also exposed to some natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires but was restored by the Municipality of Istanbul in 1940 and 1943.

The L-shaped market has 6 doors and 113 shops, whose products vary from clothing, gifts, gold, spices, nuts and dried fruits.

Egyptian Market Located in Istanbul

Where is the Egyptian Market Located in Istanbul?

The Egyptian market is located in the Eminonu region, one of the most famous, vibrant and central tourist areas on the European side of Istanbul, on the back of the new mosque in the area, and next to the well-known rose market in the Eminonu region.

How to Reach the Egyptian Market in Istanbul?

There are many ways to explain how to reach the Egyptian market in Istanbul, including:

  • The Egyptian Bazaar can be reached via the M2 metro line linking Yenikapi and Haciosman through Taksim.
  • The Egyptian market can also be reached via the T1 tramway linking Bagcilar and Kabatas, where you can disembark at Eminonu Station and walk for only a few minutes.
  • The Egyptian market can be accessed by municipal public buses, which are concentrated at its last point in the nearby Eminonu area.

Features of the Egyptian Market in Istanbul

The Egyptian market in Istanbul is one of the oldest commercial markets, with its roof covered from the top in the form of arches that appear as an architectural and artistic masterpiece that draws attention, and impresses viewers with its unique architecture and beautiful colours.

The market is located at a central point, easily accessible from various places on the European side of Istanbul, and contains many different products, such as Turkish spices, jewellery, food and souvenirs.

Sellers at this market can speak multiple languages such as Arabic, English, Turkish, etc., due to the high demand in the market from foreign tourists.

In addition, the Egyptian Market location in Istanbul allows visitors to visit Istanbul's nearby historical and tourist attractions such as the New Mosque, 170 metres from the market, Eminonu Port, 1.4 km from the Egyptian market in Istanbul, Suleymaniye Mosque, 750 metres, and Gulhane Park, 1.2 km from Istanbul's Spice Market.

The Most Important Products Sold in The Egyptian Market in Istanbul

The Egyptian market is one of the oldest and most famous commercial centres in Istanbul, dominated by shops selling spices, perfumes, medicinal herbs and rare herbs, as well as some products of dried fruits and food.

Egyptian Market Opening Hours in Istanbul

The Egyptian market in Istanbul operates between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Hotels Close to the Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Visitors can find out about the Egyptian Market in Istanbul and visit all the tourist places nearby and spend many days at a hotel near the Egyptian market in Istanbul:

  • Legacy Ottoman Hotel, located 270 metres from the Egyptian market, is rated 5 stars.
  • Eurostar Hotel, located in the Sirkeci area adjacent to the Egyptian market.

Hotels Close to the Egyptian Market in Istanbul

The Egyptians Market in Istanbul in Pictures

Egyptian Market from outside
The Egyptians Market in Istanbul in Pictures

Shopping in the Egyptian Market

Some other products in the market

products in the  egypian market

Tour the Egyptian Market and Istanbul's Most Important Landmarks With Safaraq Tourism

As part of our special trips to various tourist areas of Istanbul, we take you on a tour of the Egyptian market in Istanbul, where the new flavour of shopping is unmatched. It is very difficult to resist the smell of spices and natural and medicinal herbs, which are one of the most popular commodities in the Egyptian market.

You can also buy a different variety of nuts sold in Egyptian market stores, and you can taste the most popular types of Turkish sweets that are spread across the market.

You can go to jewellery, gold and souvenir shops to buy whatever you want on a fun marketing trip to Istanbul's historic markets.


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