Istanbul Airport Ready for Winter

Istanbul Airport Ready for Winter

The Turkish Airport Operating Corporation General Manager visited Istanbul Airport to supervise the operators' preparations of Istanbul's new airport IGA for winter. The most important of these are applications used to remove snow from the aviation yards and car routes at and around the airport.

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport Fully Prepared for Winter

Preparations by Istanbul Airport operator IGA included storm protective tools, snow removal mechanisms, and equipment not to disrupt aviation operations, not delay passenger flights, and complete them completely even on the harshest winter days.

Istanbul Third Airport

Istanbul International Airport has been equipped with more than 129 vehicles equipped with snow removal machines, including 45 vehicles to roadwork and parking spaces as part of preparations aimed at not affecting potentially difficult winter weather conditions on air traffic to and from one of the world's largest airports.

Istanbul International Airport

Equipment at Istanbul Winter Airport

More than 350 workers have been trained at Istanbul International Airport to handle potential weather conditions in all airport work areas. The action plan was developed for them as part of studies designed by meteorology in the airport area and Istanbul.


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