Tourism in Bodrum: The Most Prominent Tourist Places and Activities

Tourism in Bodrum: The Most Prominent Tourist Places and Activities
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Information about Bodrum Turkey

With a distinctive coastal location, Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most beautiful tourist places, a tourist destination with various monuments and tourist spots.

Weather in Bodrum

Bodrum features a Mediterranean climate, cold in winter and hot in summer with relative humidity.

Where is Bodrum Located

Bodrum is located in southwest Turkey, having a featured location nearby Turkey’s tourist spots.

How Far is Bodrum from Istanbul?

Bodrum is 700 km from Istanbul, about an 8-hour drive.

How Far is Bodrum from Trabzon?

Bodrum is 1650 km from Trabzon, an 18-hour drive and a 3-hour flight.

How Far is Bodrum from Marmaris?

Bodrum is 110 km from Marmaris, one hour and a half drive.

How Far is Bodrum from Fethiye?

Bodrum is 230 km from Fethiye, three hours and a half drive.

Tourism in Bodrum

Top 5 Tourist Places in Bodrum

1. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is a monument of a Greek king, ruler of Caria. He was known for his tendency to a luxurious life that built an impressive mausoleum with patterns, carved ornaments, and statues. The mausoleum’s base has alleys leading to rooms full of treasures and gold artefacts.

2. Bodrum Amphitheatre

Located on a hill facing Bodrum’s port and castle, Bodrum Amphitheatre is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist monuments. It was built in the 4th century BC, a seat for kings and people during the reign of King Mausolus. The amphitheatre comprises three main sections: theatre, orchestra, and stone seats that accommodate 13 thousand people.

Tourist Places in Bodrum

3. Gumusluk Village

Gumusluk Village is 25 km away from Bodrum, located on the remains of the ancient city of Myndos that slipped into the sea because of earthquakes. The flooded city is nowadays a destination for photographers and divers who like taking underwater photo ops. If you go there, you will have the chance to enjoy its charming sunset, have delicious food in one of its restaurants overlooking the sea and visit mosques.

4. Tavsan Island

Tavsan Island or Rabbit Island, one of the most famous spots in Bodrum, is a tourist destination over all seasons. The island features golden sands, crystal water, and blue houses, giving a sense of relaxation and ease of mind. The island can be accessed from Bodrum city on foot through a short even water pathway.

5. Myndos Gate

Located in west Bodrum, Myndos Gate is one of Bodrum’s tourist spots. It is the only remaining gate of the city’s gates and walls used to protect Halicarnassus city. Besides, there are the remains of a trench in front of the gate, where the soldiers of Alexander the Great drowned in 334 BC.

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Beaches in Bodrum

Top 5 Beaches in Bodrum

1. Camel Beach

Located on the Aegean Sea coasts, Camel Beach is still one of Mugla’s hidden heavens, 15 km away from Bodrum’s city centre, a tourist attraction with natural charm and stunning geographical shapes. The beach combines the forest’s greenness with the blueness of crystal waters and golden sands as well. It offers a wide variety of facilities, including restaurants serving delicious food, beach umbrellas and chairs.

2. Gumbet Beach

With its unique location, clean water, and complimentary services, Gumbet Beach is Bodrum’s residents’ favourite one. It is 3 km from Bodrum’s city centre, a destination for tourists who can enjoy accessible service facilities, including showers and WCs. Other amenities include restaurants, cafes, and shops selling water sports equipment.

3. Fink Beach

Fink Beach is located in Bodrum, with a Blue Flag meaning it complies with the environmental standards. The beach offers a wide variety of water sports, such as windsurfing. It has a wellness centre and a club of 36000 m². Not to mention, the beach’s water is clean with coral reefs, and it has many restaurants serving the best food and a particular spot for music parties.

the best Beache in Bodrum

4. Bardakci Beach

Bardakci Beach is one of Bodrum’s most prominent tourist spots, and it has a special status for natural beauty lovers. The beach offers green spaces spreading out along the blue coast with powdery sands. Tourists will have the chance to enjoy a night in one of the nearby hotels or relax on the beach.

5. Yahsi Beach

Bodrum has a wide variety of beaches, each with striking features. Yahsi Beach is one of the city’s best tourist spots, offering seating spaces with umbrellas and chairs for relaxation and enjoying nature. The rumbling waves charmingly embrace the golden sands, forming a stunning piece of music composed by nature. Not to mention, the beach has various restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Top 4 Shopping Centres in Bodrum

1. Midtown Shopping Centre

Located in the Ortakentyahsi district, Midtown Shopping Centre is one of Bodrum’s most prominent malls, offering all kinds of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewellery. It also has some fun facilities such as cinemas.

2. Bodrum Bazaar

With its stunning views of the sea, Bodrum Bazaar, a local bazaar, is one of the city’s most famous bazaars. Tourists will have the chance to enjoy its domestic restaurants and cafes, wander in the bazaar, and buy various goods such as leather products and watches.

Shopping Centres in Bodrum

3. Oasis Shopping Centre

Oasis Shopping centre is one of Bodrum’s most prominent malls with a building in the open air, similar to traditional bazaars. The shopping centre has shops for international trademark brands, restaurants, and various fun facilities such as bowling zones. Visitors will have the chance to watch music shows and dances.

4. Turgutreis Market

Turgutreis Market is one of Bodrum’s significant markets, known as street bazaar, offering all basics from vegetables, fruits, spices, and nuts to clothes, gifts, and souvenirs.

Bodrum FAQs:

Bodrum has a privileged location in southwestern Turkey making it possible to reach it through any means, as it is distinguished by its proximity to the rest of the distinctive tourist areas.

The distance between Bodrum and Istanbul takes about seven to eight hours, as it is approximately seven hundred kilometers from Istanbul.

It depends on the number of places that the tourist wants to visit and the hotels that he or she intends to stay in. Besides, there are some other expenses such as renting a car and the wages of restaurants and cafes that the tourist prefers to enjoy.

The various tourist places in Bodrum allow having a family trip that suits different desires of members of the family, as there are various places suitable for family tourism in this city, such as the village of Gumusluk, Bodrum Amphitheater, and Mendos Gate. There are also many beaches suitable for families, and tourists and visitors can enjoy through tours of its ancient alleys and landmarks, and then staying in one of its hotels.

The distance between Bodrum and Istanbul by plane takes about an hour and a quarter of an hour.


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