Things to Do in Antalya

Things to Do in Antalya
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Top Activities to Do in Antalya

Many tourist activities in Antalya are worth visiting, and tourists go for excitement and pleasure, or even adventure that pumps bursts of adrenaline. In this article, we tackle a range of the most important and famous activities:

1. Surfing in Antalya

Many tourists go to Antalya to enjoy surfing; although there are no high waves, they can provide surfers with a lot of pleasure, especially when practising sailing.

The waves of the White Sea on Turkey's southern coasts, which usually last between seven to twelve seconds and reach a height of about three meters, are ideal for mid-level surfing.

To have fun, many surfing schools have emerged along the coast of Antalya, allowing tourists to improve their abilities, and rent the necessary equipment.

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Surfing in Antalya

2. Mountain Climbing in Antalya

Kizlar Sivrisi Peak in Antalya temps mountaineering enthusiasts, as it houses the highest peak in the Western Mediterranean region, which rises about 3,070 meters above sea level.

It is part of a mountain range covered by snow five months a year, so many prefer it for easy climbing, especially in winter.

Mountain Climbing in Antalya

3. Rafting in Antalya

The rafting tour in Antalya is one of the most important adventures that we recommend not to miss out on, one of the most famous adventures for its diversity for better excitement and pleasure.

Tourists tend to visit the Koprulu Canyon Valley, which is about 90 km from Antalya.

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Rafting in Antalya

4. Zip Line And Cable Car in Antalya

If you arrive in Antalya, don't miss the chance to take the Olympus Cable Car, which takes you on an amazing journey to Beydaglari Coastal National Park, which is located on top of Mount Tahtali, the highest peak of the Western Taurus Mountains, at an altitude of up to 2365 meters above sea level.

Mount Tahtali (or what is known as Mount Olympus) meets the Mediterranean Sea, at the closest point to the coast.

You can also try zipline skiing, or the free-slip adventure, an action-rich and fun-filled adventure, available in many tourist areas.

Zip Line And Cable Car in Antalya

5. Safari in Antalya

Safari in the forests of Antalya has a unique story of fun and adventure, where you can take the mountain road using powerful mountain cars passing through the waterfalls descending from the mountains, and take the rough road leading to the Taurus Mountains. You may have the opportunity to see some wild animals and pass through many high villages.

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Safari in Antalya

6. Diving in Antalya

To experience the adventure of diving in the sea, tourists can go to the Kemer area of Antalya, one of the most suitable areas for diving in Antalya, thanks to its warm and pure waters.

Diving in Antalya

7. Water Parks in Antalya

To entertain and spend the most beautiful times with your children amid the water resorts rich in games, you have a range of fun options. Here is a list of the most important water parks in Antalya:

Water Parks in Antalya

8. Visit Mysterious Places in Antalya

Many wonderful and mysterious places are worth visiting in Antalya, and here we mention some examples:

Visit Altinbesik Cave in Antalya

In Antalya's Ibradi Province, you can find one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Altinbesik, the Golden Cave.

Located in an area about 16 km from Antalya, the cave is ranked among the largest caves in the world, and it also contains the largest underground lake in Turkey with a length of 2500 meters.

The cave consists of three layers: the lower layer starts from the entrance with a length of 200 meters, which is below the water level, and the middle and upper layers are dry.

Antalya Cave Tour is intended for a boat trip where you can enter the cave by small boats for an indescribable sense, with the possibility of seeing rocks and plants around the cave, as well as the stalagmites formed over hundreds of years.

Visit the Narrow Water Valleys Between the Mountains in Antalya

The most important of them are:

  • Stone Valley

It is known as miniature Cappadocia, due to the similarity between the rocks of the valley and the rocks of the city of Cappadocia carved through the ages by the factors of the winds and winds over the years, where you can enjoy unparalleled views from a wonderful location touching the clouds.

You will enjoy a magnificent forest that creates an extraordinary sight on a natural masterpiece covered with cedar, pine and cypress trees, picturesque cliffs, and the river Mount Koprucay, and you may meet on your way some deer or other wild animals.

  • Green Valley

It is a valley that includes a collection of connected lakes and a magnificent mountain behind one of the huge water dams,  gathering huge amounts of water that form a very important reservoir, where you can spend the most beautiful times amid nature.

  • Koprulu Valley

The Koprulu Kanyon Valley is located in the town of Manavgat, one of the most beautiful tourist areas in  Antalya, famous for natural beauty and historical Roman monuments, the most important of which is the ancient Roman bridge, which is still in use today.

The valley is also intended for many camping and water sports enthusiasts, especially on summer days and tourist seasons.

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