The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Trabzon

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Trabzon
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Discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Trabzon, the Black Sea Bride, and enjoy the most beautiful excursions of a lifetime with Safaraq Tourism.

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Trabzon

Trabzon enchants visitors with a range of the most beautiful waterfalls flowing from the top of the mountains:

  1. Calkoy Cave Waterfall

Calkoy Cave is the second-longest in the world, 8 km long, located in the Duzkoy area on the back of the village of Cal, 45 km from the centre of Trabzon.

As an underground waterway that attracts attention to its waterfall and clear springs, flowing from heights, Calkoy Cave is an ideal place to visit for the treatment of diseases such as asthma and pneumonia.

Calkoy Cave, which receives many visitors throughout the year, has a 400-metre walking and hiking park, as well as a neighbouring river, a cliff waterfall and a clear water pond.

Visitors can visit some other attractions near the cave, such as the state's famous lake, Uzungol, and other natural landmarks worth visiting.

The cave is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the standard entrance fee is 8 Liras and 4 Liras for students.

Calkoy Cave Waterfall

  1. Sumela Waterfall

Located in the Macka region of Trabzon state, Sumela Falls is one of the most important tourist destinations for tourists to relax and enjoy the enchanting nature, with a magnificent natural location, consisting of vast green forests, in the middle of sloping waterfalls.

The green forests around the waterfalls are full of pine, oak and chestnut trees and contain many brightly coloured fruits and flowers.

In order to meet all the necessary needs of visitors, the Sumela Falls area has some restaurants, cafés and shops selling souvenirs. 

Sumela Waterfall

  1. Arakli Os Waterfall

Ranked among the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey, the Arakli Os Waterfall is located in the Arakli area, an important point on the international road to Erzurum, where it is easily accessible, especially with signs on the international road, which guide arrivals to this waterfall.

The Arakli Os Waterfall is a must-visit tourist attraction in Trabzon. In addition to the beauty of the natural places around the waterfall, you can enjoy visiting some of the area's other historical landmarks, such as the historic mill near the waterfall site.

5 km from The Arakli Os Waterfall, there is a place to take a break, and it has some restaurants serving delicious cuisine with stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Arakli Os Waterfall

  1. Aytas Asmasu Waterfall

Safaraq Tourism takes you on a tour to learn about the most prominent natural features in Trabzon, and discover with you the beauty of the waters of the high mountains of the Aytas Asmasu Waterfall, an obscure tourist destination, which many tourists who love the nature of Trabzon do not know.

Aytas Asmasu Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Arakli area, administratively affiliated with Trabzon state, and is often visited by residents living on the Pazarcik Plateau.

With a height of 120 metres above ground, surrounded by green forests on every side, Aytas Asmasu Waterfall is a natural painting, and a prominent manifestation of the charming nature of Trabzon.

Aytas Asmasu Waterfall

  1. Ucarsu Waterfall

For its beauty, Ucarsu Waterfall is one of the natural wonders that fascinates visitors in Trabzon, occupying a distinctive geographical location 30 km from the state's Aksabat tourist area, specifically in the Simba Plateau in the village of Akpinar.

About 100 metres high, the waterfall forms the common border of the three villages around it, attracting the eyes of tourists with its pure water flowing through the vast forests.

Ucarsu Waterfall

  1. Canik Waterfall

Canik Waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region, popular with tourists, located in the Tonya area, about 700 metres from the centre.

One of the features of this place is the 1,800-meter-long walk route between the corridors of natural landmarks.

Canik Waterfall

  1. Uzungol Waterfall

The Uzungol Waterfall, which attracts thousands of visitors annually, is located in the Caykara area, where the lake is named after the area, hence the name of this waterfall.

Uzungol Waterfalls is one of the most important and beautiful sloping waterfalls, 99 km from Trabzon and 19 km from Caykara, one of the most indispensable points to visit on the Black Sea tour.

Uzungol Waterfall area has a rich green vegetation cover, one of Turkey's rainforest areas.

Where the region's wildlife is located, 1,625 hectares were designated as a natural park in 1989, Uzungol became a private nature reserve in 2004, with more than 60 species of diverse plants, 59 species of wild animals and 250 species of birds.

Located 1,100 metres above sea level, Uzungol Falls is the perfect place to stay away from all kinds of hustle and bustle, and relax by spending the best of times with its lush and charming nature, and its tranquil and wonderful atmosphere.

In this area, you can attend many cultural activities organized by official and private entities in Trabzon, such as festivals, concerts and events held in August each year.

This area has many activities to enjoy, where you can paraglide and allow watch Uzungol from a bird's eye perspective, especially at aviation festivals.

You can also enjoy safaris through dedicated cars, stroll among the finest natural landmarks, and watch various bird and animal species.

Uzungol Waterfall

Visit the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Trabzon with Safaraq Tourism

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