Where is Uzungol Located? What are the Most Famous Tourist Places in Uzungol?

Where is Uzungol Located? What are the Most Famous Tourist Places in Uzungol?
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Tourism in Uzungol

Whoever visits Uzungol Lake will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape around this lake. No doubt that the region has many hills and lakes of different sizes; Uzungol is one of Trabzon’s most beautiful lakes and areas.

Uzungol is located in Caykara, 100 km from Trabzon city centre, in a valley amidst mountains, featuring stunning views of the lake, surrounded by forests from all sides where fog is overwhelming most times.

Weather in Uzungol

Generally, Trabzon has mild weather in summer and a cold one in winter, with seasonal rainfalls in summer and snowfalls in winter. We can say that weather in Uzungol is good in that it offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty, as temperatures are mild most times.

tourist places in Uzungol

Uzungol in Winter

Never miss the chance of visiting Uzungol in winter; you will be amazed by snow views covering everything, adding exceptional beauty.

Snow views will entice you to enjoy winter sports and activities, including skiing, making snowmen, playing with snow, and many more.

Uzungol in Winter

Uzungol in Summer

Nothing can be compared to Uzungol’s beauty in summer, where hills are covered by green plants, trees with thick leaves, and the lake’s crystal water, making a fantastic natural painting.

Visitors can do many activities in summer, starting from camping by the lake to walking through green trees. Not to mention, barbeques have an exceptional taste there.

Uzungol in Summer

Uzungol’s Most Prominent Tourist Places

There are many tourist places to visit in Uzungol as it has a wide variety of natural beauty, including high mountains, vast forests, and lakes, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the best times. Here is a list of Uzungol’s most prominent tourist places:

Sultan Murad Heights and Atakoy Waterfalls

Sultan Murad Heights have a featured location on Trabzon’s western side, 35 km away from Uzungol Lake. The heights’ views covered with snow in winter mixed with fog give it exceptional beauty, attracting tourists to enjoy various activities, mainly ghazal hunting, camping, and skiing.

Try not to miss visiting Atakoy Waterfalls while visiting Sultan Murad Heights, where you would enjoy stunning views of natural beauty.

Sultan Murad Heights

Karester Heights

Karester Heights is one of the major spots to visit and enjoy its fresh air, 2600 m above sea level, where you can enjoy seeing the charming views of Uzungol Lake from above.

Karester Heights

Demirkapi Heights and Fish Lake

Demirkapi Heights are 16 km from Uzungol, featuring fresh air, natural beauty, and wooden houses, where you can enjoy camping.

Fish Lake is located on a high spot, 25 km from Uzungol, where you can enjoy fishing.

things to do in uzungol

Ataturk Museum in Uzungol

 Ataturk Museum is one of Uzungol’s most prominent tourist places, built in 1890, containing many artefacts and paintings.

It is worth noting that the museum was restored after cracks over the years.

Ataturk Museum in Uzungol

Uzungol Highlands

Uzungol’s highlands are some of the most attractive spots to visit, featuring vast green areas where many animals feed on.

Uzungol Highlands

Uzungol’s Streams

Uzungol has a group of streams that flow and pour into Uzungol Lake. In addition, there are many lakes: Balikli Lake, Eiger Lake, and many more.

These lakes offer visitors the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Uzungol. Not to mention, Uzungol’s streams and lakes have vivid fish, providing an opportunity for fishing lovers to enjoy their hobbies.

Uzungol’s Streams

Demirkapi Village

Demirkapi Village is one of Uzungol’s most beautiful tourist spots, 15 km from Uzungol, featuring charming natural views and fresh air.

Surmene Village

Surmene Village is Turkey’s most famous village for handmade products, a destination for handicrafts lovers where they can find handmade knives and pastries.

Caykara Village

Caykara Village is known for having the most famous horse farm in Turkey, a destination for horse-riding lovers, where they can enjoy horse-riding.

Sukur Su Heights

Sukur Su Heights is located 20 km from Uzungol, featuring stunning natural beauty and wooden cottages. Tourists will have the chance to enjoy the snow on peaks and waterfalls pouring on rocks.

Crater lake in Uzungol

Crater Lake is located in a volcanic region formed from three multi-coloured lakes: red, turquoise, and green. What makes this lake unique is the fog that surrounds it from all sides.

According to locals, the lake’s different colours are associated with the dead souls that move around it.

Crater lake in Uzungol

FAQ about Uzungol

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions by tourists:

Uzungol is located on the Black Sea beach, 99 km from Trabzon, one of Turkey’s most famous lakes and destination spots.
It is very tiring to get to Uzungol from Istanbul by car as the distance between them is 1160 km. So, it is highly recommended to use airlines.
The distance between Uzungol and Trabzon is about 100 km, and it would be a fascinating journey as the road is packed with natural beauty.
Bursa is very far from Uzungol, a 15-hour drive. So, it is highly recommended to use airlines.
Antalya is very far from Uzungol, 1150 km. So, it is highly recommended to use airlines.
Uzungol trip would be fantastic, so it is tough to decide on the period to spend there as it has many must-to-visit places.
It is an hour drive from Trabzon Airport to Uzungol, an enjoyable drive packed with natural beauty.
Uzungol has a wide variety of tourist spots packed with stunning natural beauty.
Uzungol trip would be fantastic full of fun and beauty; no dangers were recorded while visiting Uzungol.
If you consider visiting Uzungol in winter, you will see snow covering every spot. It has a special taste in winter.
A visit to Uzungol does not need a huge budget; it is a rural area featuring beautiful places and simple life, so it is unlikely to spend too much money there.


How to Get to Uzungol Lake

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