Find Out the Best Time to Visit Trabzon and Uzungol

Trabzon features many attractions and tourist destinations and is famous for its ancient history, ancient Ottoman Islamic architecture, and stunning nature.

In this article, we look at Trabzon's most important attractions during the seasons of the year, talking about its climate and many important things.


What's the Best Time to Visit Trabzon and Uzungol?

There is no specific time to visit Trabzon and Uzungol, this charming city with its outstanding nature and ancient landmarks.

In summer, the weather is moderate with fresh and clean air, and in spring flowers open up and colorful butterflies dance around.

Winter is a season of snow; you would enjoy skiing in the morning and the warmth of wood stoves at night.

uzungol in winter

  1. Visit Trabzon in Winter

Winter and snow lovers will enjoy staying in a quiet, pure white spot, as Trabzon is located on the Black Sea coast of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Ukraine, with most of it on the mountain tops.

Trabzon is very cold in winter, with the city's winter heights snowing and people enjoying the warmth of wood stoves in their mountainous rural homes.

During the winter season, Trabzon's resorts and tourist areas are equipped with warm rural huts, overlooking the city's foothills, equipped with all comfort and well-being facilities.

Not to mention, there are a variety of closed cafés and restaurants. Safaraq Tourism recommends visiting Trabzon in winter for snow lovers.

Trabzon in Winter The temperature and the Best Places to Visit it

The weather in Trabzon is very cold with the city’s areas rising above sea level, with the temperature between -2º to 5º. It snows daily in winter in some areas such as Zingana Mountains and Ayder Heights.

Here is a list of Trabzon’s top spots to visit:

  • Zingana Ski Resort

With an experienced team to protect tourists and train beginners in skiing, the city's most famous resort, Zingana Resort, is prepared each year to receive ski lovers. The ski resort has many skiing tracks, so to mention a 661 meter long and 100 to 200 meters wide track, with lifts to reach the high peaks.

Trabzon's Zingana Ski Resort is one of the city's most important tourist snow resorts, with all ski supplies available, and a dedicated ski training team for novice tourists.

The resort offers accommodation, and for those who wish to stay around the resort, there are many hotels with wide options and ratings.

Zingana Ski Resort

  • Haidar Nabi Heights

The Hills of Haidar Nabi rise 1600 m above sea level, covered with green meadows, where fresh springs explode through them to form with the water positioned towards them the most beautiful lakes.

The area is generally covered by fog surrounding the cottages and villages scattered in this beautiful nature.

  • Trabzon Castle

A historic Byzantine castle, built on a high hill overlooking the Black Sea, Trabzon Castle was built as a garrison defending the city from enemies attacking from the seaside.

Trabzon Castle is one of Trabzon's most prominent attractions and receives great attention from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, which organizes trips to show the castle's history.

Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, Trabzon Castle stretches from a hill overlooking the city to the Black Sea shore, consisting of three parts: the Upper Castle, the Central Castle, and the Lower Castle. The castle has several cafés overlooking the coast and dense green trees.

  • Forum Mall Trabzon

Opened in 2008, a large mall in Trabzon, Forum Mall spreads over four floors, with extensive international brands that take into account all needs, as well as many recreational activities and programs.

  1. Visit Trabzon in Summer

The Temperature in Trabzon in Summer and the Best Places to Visit in Summer

In summer, Trabzon has a mild climate of no more than 26 degrees, similar to the tropical climate in terms of humidity and precipitation. It may rain at any time, a tourist attraction in the summer for camping and summer.

Here is a list of the top spots to visit in summer:

  • Uzungol Lake

Surrounded by mountains and charming nature, the tourist icon of Trabzon is overseen by Uzungol Village, which is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters.

Uzungol Lake is a tourist destination in summer, thanks to mild and sunny weather. It is surrounded by mountains and forests and wrapped in fog forming a very beautiful and stunning view.

Roads to reach the source of clean freshwater have recently been established.

When you visit the lake, you will see fishermen fishing for river salmon, which is a favorite fresh meal for many tourists.

There are plenty of beautiful birds and animals, which makes the area more beautiful and vibrant.

Mountain bike lovers can enjoy riding among the region's mountains and dense trees.

Uzungol Lake


  • Cal Cave

A unique summer tourist destination, Cal Cave is the second-longest in the world, with corridors of about 8,000 meters long, but visitors are only allowed to wander within an area of only 1 km.

The cave also has stalagmites, downs, and water ponds formed over millions of years increasing the beauty of the cave. The water supply in summer drops to 25 cm, while in winter the water level reaches 1.5 meters.

  • Sultan Murad Heights

Sultan Murad Heights is located west of Trabzon, 35 km from Uzungol Lake, with a view that takes the heart and reaches the highest clouds.

Tourists can enjoy camping, watching various pets, and summer parties and local festivals.

Close to the highlands, Sumela Monastery, one of Trabzon's most beautiful tourist destinations, is another fantastic spot to visit.

  • Sera Lake

One of the most beautiful tourist areas to visit, Sera Lake has charming nature, located on a low hill among the evergreen tree hills.

  • Ayder Heights

Tourists can enjoy bungee jumping adventures between the two sides of the river, canoeing, mineral baths, and magnificent waterfalls.

  1. Visit Trabzon in Spring

The Temperature in Trabzon in Spring and the Best Places to Visit in Spring

Spring is a favorite for many people for tourism and recreation, but in Trabzon spring tends to cool down with an average temperature of 16°C.

Here is a list of the top spots to visit in spring:

  • Sumela Monastery Trabzon

An important tourist destination and an ancient historical place dating back nearly 1,600 years, Sumela Monastery was recently reopened to visitors after the restoration and rehabilitation of a 300-meter-long walkway.

From afar, this place is seen as a rocky structure, but when you approach it, you will find a very wonderful place.

Sumela Monastery Trabzon

  • Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle is a historic Ottoman castle and is one of the most prominent attractions in Trabzon, and receives great attention from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, which allocates trips to show the history of the castle.

Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, Trabzon Castle stretches from a hill overlooking the city to the Black Sea shore, consisting of three parts: the Upper Castle, the Central Castle, and the Lower Castle.

The castle has several cafés overlooking the coast and the dense green trees surrounding it.

  1. How Can Safaraq Tourism Help You Choose the Best and Most Suitable Time to Visit Trabzon?

Safaraq Tourism offers the best tour deals in Trabzon for families as well as special tours.

Contact us to find out about all the offers, visiting times, and many other services that we are proud to offer you professionally.


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